I got my "CCW Courtesy Cards"

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    I got my "CCW Courtesy Cards" from www.firearmscoalition.org

    They can be found here; http://firearmscoalition.org/special/CCWCard/

    The ones I got are a bit different than what they show on the site. Mine say, "Gun Bans ensure that only Law Breakers Will Be Armed! Studies Prove Concealed Carry Reduces Crime. Gun Rights Guarantee All Rights," on the front. On the back they say, "Banning Firearms Disarms Only The Lawful - Creates a 'Safe Workplace' for Criminals Increases your Liability - Shifts Burden of Protection of Workers and Patrons to You! Criminals won't obey your 'No Guns' sign! I Will. Your Competitors Thank You!"

    Not bad, $10 for 100 cards...