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Firearmz said:
Rammstein said:
Beyond that, and I say this with all due respect, I think you are fooling yourself if you think that a determined person does not know you are carrying. Everyone has tells. A tug on the right side of your shirt, protecting your right side, constantly looking around, these are all things that give people away. There are more than what I wrote, but those are some of the main points.

At night I conceal carry, but during the day I am more likely to open carry.
This is some what of a true statement, people who are uncomfortable with carry ing aq gun, paranoid or have not determined the proper way to carry a gun will have these tale tell signs. Those of those that have it figured out and who are totally comfortable with it do not display these types of unconcious signals.
I spot people all the time who are printing without giving off any signals.

Anyway, my idea of carry is a real gun, in .45, and it is difficult to conceal. Also, I open carried almost every day for 12 years, and concealed carry just sort of feels, well, weird.

I concealed Saturday at the Utah license class, if you can call untucking a shirt over an H&K USP in an outside the waistband holster "concealing." Thankfully, none of the other students attending the class attempted a "weapon snatch." :lol:
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