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    As I said in another post, I have been talking to the Probate Judges Office more today than I have in the past two months. Anyway, I found that our turn around time from the time of the application to the permit is issued is 5-7 days now that we have gone to live scan as opposed to inked cards. The reason(s) it takes so long is:
    1) transmitted the hard copy of the GCIC/NCIC FP card results to the courthouse. That can not be done in County mail, it has to be hand delivered. They do that once a week. (Printouts and the info they contain can not be possessed by someone not trained in GCIC "Safety and Security" and they must have signed a GCIC "Awareness Statement". None of our county mail employees have been so trained.

    If you live in Oconee and can't wait 5-7 days, call me and we can expedite the delivery.
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    Yeah, I did some research last year into the GBI's fingerprint processing times. The only way they can make there goal of having fingerprint checks processed within 15 days is to average the electronic submitted ones (1hr to 3 day) with the hard cards (10-30 days).


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    What is the issue with Livescan machines? Budget?