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    There is saying that says no one is a prophet on his own land...

    I joined a board from Quebec Province. You know, those guys, because not many of them speak English and the guns laws are very restrictive don't have the information we have here.

    So, to make a long story short, Here is the post I did (translated):

    "The effective range of 308 is 800 meters and 338 Lapua 1500 meters per the US Military.
    You want to be able to hunt and shoot bears and Moose. You have to reduce that effective range because a skinny human target in Irak or Afghanistan is different than a thick skinned, big boned and heavy muscular animal. Moreover, you want to do an ethical kill and not have that animal suffer, what the military does not care too much. War is different than hunting. I am not hunter, but in my book, I would remove at least 100-200 meters to that range to shoot that kind of animal with those calibers."

    I got banned because in Quebec province, you can't say firearms can kill humans... My mom told be the silhouette targets are banned from all the shooting clubs she goes (And she is an IPSC competitor there).

    And the funny thing...Someone after, posted a post saying it is ridiculous to trust the military ballistic data because it is issued from the American-Military complex... :screwy:

    I wonder if I would have said overthere what I say here, They would have called probably the Mounties to get me......hehehehe. I know I am saying often stuff that is offensive for some (ok..many) of you. But Oh well, I like to stir the pot, it makes some people think outside the box (me included-Last time it made realize Obama's document about his University records were a)gone or b)never existed).

    Thank you
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    I've spent some time in Quebec province so I would like to comment on your post, but unfortunately I can't figure out what the heck it is you're trying to say.

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    kestak: you made the mistake of trying to use facts to support an argument. That is no longer allowed in this new world.

    Should have appealed to emotion instead.
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    The bad thing is that noone told that dufus that it is very hard to make a humane killing over 500 meters. Especially in the very windy quebec province and with the huge temperature variations.

    The guy said the max he shot was 250 meters....at targets only... :cantsay:
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    Yes, it is the mentality that if you ignore guns and don't let people mention them, then guns will go away. Brilliant. Maybe you should start a gun forum of your own for people in Quebec. That would allow you a more open channel of communication without being banned.
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    Not enough guns owners overthere.

    They have been under socialism too long. They don't have any self criticism anymore. Everything is leftist and pro-statist now.
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    Two points:

    1-- Hunting conditions are usually quite different from target shooting conditions.
    And military snipers are trained to achieve "target shooting" type results even under field conditions similar to hunting.
    But hunters are not trained snipers, even if they have the same rifles and match grade ammo.

    I'd say that the practical range of a .308 for bear hunting would be more like 400 yards.
    The .338 Lapua Mag, maybe 800.
    Because you don't want to risk a miss, or a wounding shot that just rips the animal's belly open and it runs off with its entrails dragging across the landscape.

    Accuracy is my main issue, not killing power.

    2-- Yes, the liberal northeastern states of the U.S. are not friendly to self-defense.
    Even when it's OK to use a "sporting gun" in a self-defense role, it's NOT okay to have a purpose-built gun that is intended for an antipersonnel role.
    And I've heard of laws that banned the shooting of targets that represent people (any human form, not just real pictures of people with faces). And I've seen private shooting ranges and gun clubs enact rules about no human or "humanoid" targets. No silhouettes. No shooting pictures of people!