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    I was traveling from Ft. Benning to Michigan for a Family reunion. I got pulled over in Ky because my vehicle fit the description on their BOLO list (Be On the Look Out). They told me that a blue truck (no other info) might be possibly transporting drugs. I was not speeding (doing 64 in a 70) yet I was still very polite. I had my Army Dress Uniform in the truck hanging up which led to the 4th degree in questioning from the Officer. He asked a ton of Military related questions and went even further when I mentioned that I was a prior service Marine to account for some of the years. He asked questions relating all the way back to BOOT CAMP since he was a Marine also! I am a First Sergeant btw....and he is looking at my uniform and ID card with E8 on it. Another officer came up and they switched rolls and asked the same questions all over again. Now, I was carrying a loaded .357 and my .45 on me at the time. My MAK 90 (AK) was on the back seat unloaded and cased but I was never asked specifically about weapons. I was asked about having drugs or "anything else"? I did not volunteer any info after reading so much on here. I did consent to the dog waking around my vehicle. Once I gave the OK (no dog was there), he just told me that I was free to go. I am glad that I did not mention anything about carrying! I think it would have made things worse. It was a 20 minute stop and unnecessary. First time I have ever been treated like that during a stop after being in the Military. Normally they look at your ID and thank you for your Service and ask you to slow down. :righton:
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    Well... it WAS in Kentucky after all... :wink:

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    File an open records request (or Kentucky equivalent) and see if there really was a BOLO. How well does your vehicle match the BOLO? Ask for audio and video records of the stop.

    Are you really sure there was a BOLO or was the officer working on a hunch?

    In either case, you exercised discretion in not informing the officer that you were lawfully armed and all else turned out ok. One other thing, don't consent to a search, dog or otherwise... doing so can prolong your roadside stop.
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    I'm glad it turned well even though it took so long. I think it was a wise decision not to speak abut the weapons without direct questioning about them.

    I didn't know you had to consent for the dog to walk around your vehicle (don't believe you do, I think they just asked to see what your reaction would be). They have always just walked the dogs around my truck without asking if the dog was already there.
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    They do enjoy their fishing in Kentucky.
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    had that happen to me in iredell county nc many years ago. Same bs excuse of vehicle matched description of drug running car. come to find out it was because I had a ga plate and they said alot of drugs were coming from ga.
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    well if every car from ga carries drugs then you did match that description :roll:
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    Thanks for the replies. I figured they could walk the dog around the car regardless so I should say OK (I knew it was no K9 there. I knew if I said no when he did not need my permission just to walk around the car, it would lead to more drama or "probable cause". He did claim that there has been an increase on I75 of Military running drugs :x . I think it would have been a lot more painful if I had "volunteered" having a firearm or two. I have in the past and was thanked by the officer but after reading the suggestions in the past on here I decided not to.
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    Declining a search doesn't provide the officer with "probable cause."
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    Plus are you 100% sure your car is clean. Did you buy it new or used? Is everyone you have had in the vehicle drug free?