Hunters on the wane in Georgia

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Malum Prohibitum, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    I think this is a bad trend, for a number of reasons.
  2. a-squared

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    I agree with ya.

    Sadly, I stopped hunting large game because of my lab. I can't look at deer or other large animals through my scope without thinking of my dog.

    If it were for survival, I could do it NP, but for sport I just can't do it like I use to.

  3. Tinkerhell

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    Loss of an American tradition.
    Lack of exposure to firearms in general (which means lack of support for the 2nd).
    Explosion of deer population is bad for deer & cars.

    What else.

    Even though I'm not a hunter myself, I agree it's not a good sign. I guess I need to pla to get into deer hunting just a little bit when the time comes to teach my boy about it....
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    ...and deadly for motorcyclists.

    Does anyone know if there programs in GA for hunters to donate venison to food banks or shelters? I basically quit hunting because I like tenderloin, but other than that seldom eat venison. I have no desire to kill just for sport, but would possibly take it back up if I thought someone would get some good from the harvest.
  5. Archangel

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    The thing that has kept me away from it thus far has been availability of public hunting land (decent I guess). I have heard horror stories from folks hunting on public land down here being confronted by "hunters" claiming their kills on public land.

    I can't afford 1K + to join a hunting club.
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    This. It is cheaper to get an out of state license, than it is to join a club.

    And deer that eat corn taste better than the ones that eat twigs, and berries.
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    It depends where you are in the state. Northern Georgia seems to have plenty of processors that you can drop off deer as a donation, but Southeast Georgia has very few. Go to DNR website or get the hunting regs magazine, they have info on the Hunters For The Hungry programs.

    I agree it is a bad trend on many levels. That is why I have taken my 9 year old girl with me hunting, and will be taking my 6 year old soon. I will also be taking my 9 year old nephew with me, because his dad is not the hunting or outdoors type.

    If you hunt, take a kid or a friend hunting with you. You will make memories that neither one of you will ever forget. :righton:
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    We lease hunting land from a timber company, and they just sold 1/3 of our lease out from under us that we've had since 1974. So we probably won't be renewing next year with them.

    I hope I can find more land to lease from a different timber company for next season, or you can add me to that growing list of non-hunters.
  9. foxtrotterz

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    Last year was my first year, I was 24. This year is my first year joining a club and all. It was 600 for 700 acres, with 12 members. I feel like I get my money's worth, although I haven't gotten a deer on that property. I found my parents 15 acres that they don't live on backs up to a great aunts property of another 45 acres, which all backs up to Piedmonet National Forest. Also, once I started hunting some old family friends said they would be glad for me to hunt on either of their 100 acre plots.

    I guess I have an advantage that I was born and raised here, but there is land available to hunt on. As gruntpain has suggested many times on this board, go knock on a farmers door and offer him part of the meat or to give him a day of your labor. Most likely he will let you hunt for free just to help keep the deer population down and off his crops. I haven't done this yet myself, but that sounds totally logical.

    Right now, I am not sure if I will join the hunting club again next year. With a hunting club I think you are paying for numerous stands that are only used by you and people you trust, roads that your group manage with a bushhog, and you also have the peace of mind that you aren't in the woods with a bunch of idiots.
  10. TimBob

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    Sadly, hunting is not what it used to be. Here in SW Georgia deer are everywhere! Even the state acknowledges this with its hunter safety program; if you born before a certain date (ie: if you are old enough), then you are exempt from having to take the hunter safety class. Why? Because the assumption is that you already know how to handle a firearm safely!
  11. gruntpain1775

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    Hit up the farmers, ask to hunt their land. That's the only land I hunt and I have never been turned away, unless they already given permission for someone else to hunt it.
  12. ber950

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    There is too many decent folks with cell phones for you to mess up on WMA land these days. Folks will drop a dime on you in a heartbeat. There hasn't been a hunter killed on WMA land in over 20 years.
  13. Match10

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    I go elsewhere to hunt.
  14. I just took, and passed, the Hunter Safety course this week. Several of my friends go hunting regularly, so I hope to join in before the gun & deer season ends. I hear that nothing taste better than a deer that you took down with your own gun. And I hear it's even better when you use your own bullet!
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  16. pml

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    yeah, kinda. apply for some out of state licenses, and some of the states that require a hunter safety class use a cut-off of about 1949. Not the roughly 1960 in GA
  17. AirCrew

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    Hunting has been on the decline for years in most states. Its a sad thing to me and the only way to turn it around is to take a kid or kids hunting and fishing. Put your weapon or your fishing pole down when you do this, give that child all your attention and teach them tracking, sign recognition, how to bait a hook, cast a lure, etc....

    As for public land hunting in GA. I took 4 deer off public land this year, three with my bow and one with Muzzle Loader. I did not have any incidents or run ins with anyone else.

    Cell phones are a great tool, used mine in 2001 to nail road hunters up on Red Top mountain who were shooting from their truck on the road in the Corps of Engineers property that is Archery only and requires a draw permit. (actually between Red Top and Acworth)
  18. Malum Prohibitum

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    Wow, I would not have thought such a thing possible on public land. I saw a deer once while hunting at Joe Kurz WMA, but he was (a) illegal to shoot (antlers too small), and (b) too far away for my bow in any event.
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    I saw this and thought of this thread.
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    Put me on the list of people that don't get out anymore and hunt.
    Haven't been hunting since '05. I use to love the scouting pre-season
    and just getting out in the woods. I still will go and drive off-road here
    and there but it's not the same.

    I don't like the lodges either. All programed for you with fixed stands/blinds.
    Never been the one to just go out and shoot. That's not "hunting". That's

    I just can't seem to find the time...