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    Went on a hunting trip and while killing time in the afternoon, the group sat around playing poker in camp. One of the guys to my right decided to pull out his S&W and for some reason point it around. I said firmly "you're covering me" and he didn't understand. When it again pointed at me, I repeated it even more pointedly. He said, "it isn't loaded" as an excuse. I had to tell him in front of the group, trying not to embarrass him, that it did not matter and listed the reasons. He took it badly, but managed to man-up and apologize later. I told him that I appreciated his apology.

    I doubt that I hunt with that group again but if you don't have rules in your hunting club or camp, may I please suggest that you make some, and be extra cautious with the under 25 set. I shot some targets with this guy earlier in the week, and he had some very bad habits, finger on the trigger- gun not on target, etc. I should have seen it coming, but his dad being an all-world hunter . . . yeah, I assumed.
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    Although a lot of those under 25 have some SERIOUSLY unsafe habits, stupid knows no age. Try going to John's Mountain WMA range on a weekend an you'll see unsafe actions from all ages.

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    And while you're there make sure to use the PortaPottie and check out the .30 hole on each of the walls adjacent to the commode, right at seated chest level. :bigshock:
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    S D S if the pottie there is as nasty as C Elliott, not sure which event would be worse. All kinda flying critters.
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    I was going to say exactly the same thing. Heck I have seen a former service member or so they claim get belligerent when he was called out for unsafe gun handling. Though he did appear to be in his mid 20's. :screwy:
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    I had a good friend in high school die due to an unloaded gun shooting him in the neck. The first time someone aims an "unloaded" gun at me is the last time they aim an "unloaded" gun at me. I don't worry about hurting anybody's feelings or embarrassing anyone. I make the biggest/baddest scene I possibly can to get the point across that it is not OK to aim a gun at anyone anytime unless they want to kill the person they are aiming at. It's total BS to aim a gun at people in jest. People die every day from "empty" guns. I'm not going to be one of them if I have any say-so in it.

    If a person cops an attitude because I yelled at them for aiming a gun at me, then they have no business owning a gun. I have told several gun owners that exact thing before & was told I was wrong to do it. After I told them about the guy who died from an unloaded gun they still said I was wrong. They are not my friends anymore. I'd rather be alive with no friends than dead with a lot of people liking me because I didn't hurt the feelings of an idiot gun owner. I know it sounds harsh but it is how I feel.
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    My father used to hunt with agroup of guys from work, and I could hardly wait until I was 12 so I could go. (Deer season was one week before my birthday, so I had to wait until I was almost 13! :( ) I went one year, and to this kid, it seemed like it was more of an excuse to go binge-drinking. I was not comfortable, and neither was my father.

    However, I did think it was funny when the spaghetti needed a colander and there was not one.... Until Bill Devito went out and converted a pot into one.

    The next year, we went on a special horse pack trip in the Desolation Wilderness Area, and my father bought a ranch as well in Modoc County, California. We had a great time on both trips and I got my first deer, a real huge Mulie.

    During the weekend, one of the guys at the former camp had pulled the trigger on an "unloaded" rifle and blew the leg off of one of the others. Horrible. My father and I agreed that it was not in our best interests to ever go back. The group of hunters never went hunting again together, and the rancor was untenable at work thereon out.

    Even as a kid, I realized the stupidity of that weekend of drinking and gunplay. I did hunt ducks and geese with Bill for a few years until his untimely death, and he was a great guy... But the others were avoided.