Humorous Road Rage

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    I was on Holcomb Bridge road with my wife on Sunday afternoon. We were in a group of cars going from light to light, as is usually the case. As we were coming up to a light, I noticed the car in front of me alternately hitting the gas and then the brake; enough to cause the back end to squat and lift. I was not yet stopped, so I kept slowly drifting forward, to fill in the space. Now, I’m not a tailgate type of person, and I am usually one of the slower people on the road, so I was not on her bumper. But about the third or fourth time she did this, I actually started to pay attention to her.

    She was looking at me in her rearview mirror, and she had her hand up, as if to say “stop.†Which of course didn’t faze me, as I was driving like I always do, and for sure wasn’t on her bumper. After the next squat-lift, she went so far as to put her finger up, not her middle finger, her index finger, like she was saying “I really mean this!†Which, of course, also didn’t faze me, although at this point I realized that she must be angry with me. After the next squat-lift, she even opened her door, like she was going to get out and come after me.

    By this time the light had turned green, and she either had to stay stopped and make a scene, or drive. She chose to drive, but she also turned her blinker on and pointed right, like she wanted me to follow her into the next parking lot, which she did and I didn’t, as I didn’t care to be a part of her anger issues.

    I never saw her again, but I thought it was rather humorous. Like, what was she going to do? Kick my car door? I don’t think she would have been a threat. She seemed, suburban, I guess.

    Have you seen anything like this?
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    I don't understand what it is about driving that turns people into savages.

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    Yes, I have.

    People with road rage issues just make me laugh on the spot. I don't do anything to incite them, but I laugh at them.

    If not a threat of course.

    All the impotent rage is just hilarious. Especially, when the challenge me to pull over as to have some kind of a talk or something. LOL

    My ex-wife had some crazy women block her in the neighborhood and try to give her an earful and she just rolled up the window and ignored her. Obviously rolling down the window in the first place was a mistake.

    I don't care what you have to say. No F's given.

    I just keep on driving if I can and laugh at their impotent rage.

    If a threat, obviously, I'm in a different mode, but if not, makes for great humor.

    So many angry people out there, just funny that people find random things to go off on they feel they have control of, like a driver in traffic.

    Plenty of good reasons to be angry these days, but may as well put that into something productive or put it to good use. Not something dumb like road rage over nothing.

    Losers get road rage.

    All someone has to do is keep driving.

    If they are a threat, that is why we carry firearms.

    I just laugh at the loser idiots.
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    Lack of contextual clues, like in chat or on forums. You don't have facial expressions and limited body language clues to go on.
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    this is one of those stories that doesn't make any sense. this usually means something was left out, a crazy person was involved, or both.
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    I'm really not understanding why this is a "rage" story. The other driver seems controlled to me. No brake checks. No visible emotion. No frothing at the mouth, nor loss of sanity. An attempt to communicate reasonably.

    Where's the rage? Maybe she really needed your help with something that was happening to her.
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    No, that was the whole encounter. We had just left a restaurant where we had lunch with our kids/grandkids. It was inexplicable to us, also. She was obviously angry, but we had no idea why.
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    I have found that is often the case. Funny enough sometimes it will just be them going way under the speed limit, and you have an opportunity to and try to pass them at the speed limit. Some people are so irrational with their anger, they will attach that anger to anything that happens to be a stimuli at their location.
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    :rotfl: This describes many threads on GPDO!
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    I have seen. The second of the three times I've ever had to point a firearm at someone was a road-raged ***hole having a mid-life crisis in his then (late 90's) brand-new corvette or whatever it was (I only recall it was green, and either a 'vette, thunderchicken, camaro, or the like) was weaving through traffic on a 2-lane (one in each direction) section of Rockbridge road just before JCB. He'd used turn-only lanes to leapfrog myself and several other people, was riding on the tail of many including myself, and generally driving like a jerk.

    When Rockbridge widened to two lanes to merge with Jimmy Carter, the spit and the vagaries of traffic conspired to put him behind me, which I guess he just couldn't tolerate the idea of, but neither did he want to have a collision with my Pathfinder, and I didn't give him room to cut me off again. So, he cuts someone else off (hard) to get behind me, and at the stop light got out of his car ranting and raving and - very literally, I'm not joking here - foaming at the mouth. He starts trying to open the door and punching the drivers-side window, at which point I looked at my friend (as well as room-mate, co-worker, and sponsor for my falconry permits) and say "PLEASE tell me you've got your heater on you...", to which he replied by handing me his Taurus 92F clone, which I proceeded to point through the drivers window and yelled "GET BACK IN YOUR CAR, NOW!", with which he complied.

    That was the 2nd of 3 occasions I've ever had to point a gun anyone, and I was more-or-less armed-by-accident in all 3. After the third, I vowed it would never be an "accident" again and got my permit - granted, that third occasion involved an AK-47, and I had been carrying pretty regularly on the job (the business owner also owned a bail bond business, so...), but the little Ruger Hunter .22 target pistol I normally carried wouldn't have been enough, I think, to deter a Suburban full of gang-bangers like what I had to deal with that night, but damned if the AK didn't make that little punk pee himself when I came out of the shadows of the porch with it in my hands... which is one of the reasons I've got the Saiga 12 as backup to my 1911.