Huckleberry Finn no longer contains two offensive words...

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by sirkut, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I think its idiotic to change the writtings from the turn of the century that tells a story of how things were then.

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    And the water that our country's frog is resting in continues to rise in temperature.

    Censoring one of the most cherished stories of American literature?!?!?!?

    What are they (the powers that be...aka....pawns of the 'bad guys') trying to accomplish? Remove some racial epithets so school children can only hear/see them on the radio, tv, and movie theater?

    Somehow I highly doubt that KKK recruitment will suddenly plummet.

    Oh wait....maybe, the bad guys are just continuing to chip away at so-called 'rights.' And the American public is so retarded that it's just going to continue, cause it always works. Once we all get used to censorship under some other name.....we won't complain so much when it reaches Communist or levels.

    The fact that this isn't being met with HUGE resistance is PROOF POSITIVE that we fully deserve the freedom-slaughter that we're being led toward.

    I used to get truly upset about this concept. And yes, I'm showing frustration here......but honestly......this country is full of worthless morons that aren't even worth 'saving' so I really have accepted the fact that our Constitution is null and void. Most Americans don't deserve a Bill of Rights.....and the fact that we've gotten to where we are now is proof.

    You cannot argue this point with me. Human Beings are a crap species. And if you disagree, you're delusional. If you're trying to come up with a counter-argument, just:

    • Listen to Nelly try to rap[/*:m:29p7q430]
    • Watch the total number of WMD's found in Iraq ticker (still sitting at 0 last I'd checked)[/*:m:29p7q430]
    • Watch the cast of Jersey Shore try to be Human[/*:m:29p7q430]

    All of those things are/were rated or ranked #1 in their given categories and/or believed by the majority of the population.

    This is a culture worth preserving?!?!?

    I'm now going to watch kittens chase laser pointers on the internet.
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    The n-word is offensive and should not be used in modern society; however, it is beyond stupid to reach back over 125 years and change a classic novel.

    What's next? Changing Rhett Butler's line in Gone with the Wind to "Frankly my dear, I don't give a hoot?"

    Changing the story to Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged people?

    Changing Cinderella so that stepsisters are not portrayed as ugly and wicked?

    Where does this end?


    If they do this to Huck Finn, imagine what they would do to Catcher in the Rye.
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    I think censorship in any form is bad.

    I'm still mad at Charlie Daniels for changing the words to "Long Haired Country Boy".
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    I disagree , it is not a offensive word, i was born and raised in carol city in miami, fl. a all black city and that word is used every day by blacks to eachother, if it is so bad why do they say it to themselves ? it is only offensive when it is said by a white man? double standard.
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    I'm just sad with what they are doing to the novel. When I read this book in school we had really good discussions over the words used at that time. We even had a healthy discussion over racism. Now I can see those healthy discussions being in the past. I suppose since people don't read or don't care as long as they get their American Idol, we deserve this to happen but I try HARD to educate people about this creeping political correctness.
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    I think it's a little silly to choose one word as the :twisted: UNFORGIVABLE EPITHET :twisted:, while so many other crude, crass, and offensive words are used on a daily basis by much of the population, in person, in print, and on the air waves. In fact, most of the people who complain about :twisted: THAT WORD, THAT TERRIBLE WORD! :twisted: turn right around and say other simply awful, disgusting things without batting an eye. :roll:
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    So many people who will not use that word, will freely use another word that I find even more offensive: it implies that the person being called that word, has had sexual relations with one's own mother. That word to me is more offensive than most other words, yet it has crept into daily vocabulary for many people.

    Regarding profanity in general, I was taught that people who used four-letter curse words, did so because they could only use short words with their limited linguistic skills did not have a polysyllabic vocabulary. :lol:
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    This isn't quite censorship, because it's a private publisher taking its own liberties with the text, updating as it sees fit. Is that really any different than multiple authors releasing multiple translations of the epic Beowulf? If left to our own devices, we as consumers can simply choose the version we wish to read & this edition could be doomed to fail.

    But the rub is government schools. Once they start picking this version up as the version from which they "teach", you've got censorship. Yes, the competing versions are still available, but what happens when a student reads and bases his work on the non-approved version? Does the administration reject his work? If a government agency compels students to read this dumbed down, PC version of a literary masterpiece, then bang - censorship.

    This does nothing to eliminate the linguistic double standard between black and white. Why is it ok for people to listen to songs like this: I just googled "rap lyrics" and came up with that horse $#!+.

    Because the "artist" is black he can say whatever the hell pops into his mind, and we have to accept it? But because I'm white I can't even bring up the subject? And some God forsaken publisher decides it will be a good idea to "update" real literature by retranslating to a more PC form? All this does is exacerbate the double standard.

    All I can say is watch your school districts. Hold their feet to the fire if they try to cram this bull $#!+ down your child's throat.
  11. vanguard

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    that is so true, and hollywood is the worst at doing that, i have seen so many movies that i turned off after only a few mins. because of the offensive words used, it is so dumb. :screwy:
  12. ookoshi

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    So you don't find it offensive when a white person uses the n-* word, I would assume even if in an insulting way, but you've turned off movies after a few minutes because they've used offensive words? That seems a little inconsistent.

    Being OK with calling insulting black people with n-* but being offended by other expletives to the point of not watching a lot of movies, a little strange. But then again, you didn't much like it when someone wanted a Spanish speaking store clerk either.

    Just pointing out a pattern here.
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    Maybe they could do something to make it better? No wait, that book is horrible beyond repair. It stands with "On the Road" and "Their eyes were watching god" as some of the worst "classics" and "instant classics" ever. Ugh.
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    Trial set for firing over use of 'n' word.

  15. NTA

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    Where's George Carlin when we need him ?

    Anyway, I did not read the article. What's the substitute word ? African-American ? Bro ?
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    I said it here first!

    Just wait. 2105 headlines read: "Word 'Muggle' removed from Harry Potter Series".

    I don't care for the N word, don't use it and don't ever like to hear it thrown about, BUT again, it's a 100+ year old piece of literature written in the tone of the time...
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    It's a public domain work so the publisher is free to do whatever they want to it. It's not uncommon for publishers to release censored, condensed, re-translated, or even re-written (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) classic works. Not sure why this one is making news.
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    I hate ANY use of the N-word, especially when it comes from Black people TO EACH OTHER, or from a racist about a black person, but goodness! This is CENSORSHIP, outright!

    This is a CLASSIC novel... it should stay as it was written. Its a piece of history for goodness sakes!

    I despise any type of censorship in anyway... if someone is so offended by the N-word being used in the book.... DON'T READ THE BOOK!
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    They just need a bell to ring, drowning out the offensive N-word, just like Mel Brooks did in Blazing Saddles (1976).
    Well, sort of. Gabby Hayes didn't offend anybody with the N-word, but a minute later the future Jonathan Quail Higgins from Magnum P.I. uttered it (along with the Laurel, and Hearty handshake).