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    Your Gun Rights Could Soon Hang In The Balance
    -- VA Tech shootings now spurring the most far-reaching gun control
    in a decade

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    ACTION: Now that Congress is moving to restrict YOUR rights in
    response to the VA Tech shootings, please make sure to take the
    following three actions after you read this alert:

    1. Urge your Representative to OPPOSE HR 297, the Dingell-McCarthy
    legislation that is designed to take the Brady Law to new heights,
    turning it into a law on steroids which could one day keep even YOU
    from buying a gun. (Contact information and a draft letter to your
    Representative are provided below.)

    2. Gin up the e-mail alert systems in your state and forward this
    e-mail to as many gun owners as you can.

    3. Please stand with Gun Owners of America -- at -- and help us to continue
    this fight, as right now, we are combating this latest onslaught
    ALONE in our nation's capital. GOA spokesmen spent all of last week
    doing radio and TV debates, interviews for newswires, and opinion
    editorials for newspapers. This week, we begin the battle in
    Congress to defeat legislation that could block millions of
    additional, honest gun owners from buying firearms.

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    The biggest gun battle of the year is about to erupt on Capitol Hill.
    Fueled by the recent Virginia Tech shootings, an odd coalition is
    forming to help expand the number of honest people who now won't be
    able to buy a gun.

    The legislation has been introduced by none other than the Queen of
    Gun Control herself, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). But she has
    picked up a key ally, as the bill (HR 297) is being pushed by a
    powerful gun group in Washington, DC.

    On Friday, The Washington Post reported on the strange coalition.
    "With the Virginia Tech shootings resurrecting calls for tighter gun
    controls," the Post said, "the National Rifle Association has begun
    negotiations with senior Democrats over legislation to bolster the
    national background-check system."

    Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), who was once on the NRA Board of Directors
    but resigned when he supported and voted for the Clinton semi-auto
    ban in 1994, is reported to be "leading talks with the powerful gun
    lobby in hopes of producing a deal [soon]," Democratic aides and
    lawmakers told the newspaper.

    Rep. McCarthy admitted to the Post that her "crusades" for more gun
    control have made her voice "toxic" in gun circles. "So Dingell is
    handling negotiations with the NRA," the newspaper reported.
    "Dingell is also in talks with Sens. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) and Ted
    Stevens (R-Alaska), House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio)
    and Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (Wis.), the senior Republican on the
    House Judiciary Committee."

    Despite all this bad news, the Post article does go on to explain
    that there are some potential pitfalls.

    First, you will remember that this is the bill you helped kill last
    year, when an avalanche of postcards was dumped on Congressional
    desks by thousands upon thousands of GOA activists. That's why the
    Post says there is one huge obstacle -- the members of Gun Owners of

    "The NRA must balance its desire to respond to the worst mass
    shooting by a lone gunman in the nation's history with its
    competition with the more strident Gun Owners of America, which
    opposes any restriction on gun purchases," the Post reported.


    Well, the rest of this alert will answer this question. This alert
    is long, but it is important to read it in its entirety. We need to
    "arm" ourselves with the facts so that we can keep pro-gun
    Congressmen from being duped into supporting a bill that, as of now,
    is being unanimously cosponsored by representatives sporting an "F-"
    rating by GOA.

    HR 297 provides, in the form of grants, about $1 billion to the
    states to send more names to the FBI for inclusion in the National
    Instant Criminal Background Check System [NICS]. If you are
    thinking, "Oh, I've never committed a felony, so this bill won't
    affect me," then you had better think again. If this bill becomes
    law, you and your adult children will come closer to losing your gun
    rights than ever before.

    Are you, or is anyone in your family, a veteran who has suffered from
    Post Traumatic Stress? If so, then you (and they) can probably kiss
    your gun rights goodbye. In 1999, the Department of Veterans
    Administration turned over 90,000 names of veterans to the FBI for
    inclusion into the NICS background check system. These military
    veterans -- who are some of the most honorable citizens in our
    society -- can no longer buy a gun. Why? What was their heinous

    Their "crime" was suffering from stress-related symptoms that often
    follow our decent men and women who have served their country
    overseas and fought the enemy in close combat. For all their
    patriotism, the Clinton administration deemed them as mentally
    "incompetent," sent their names for inclusion in the NICS system, and
    they are now prohibited from owning guns under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(4).

    HR 297 would make sure that more of these names are included in the
    NICS system.

    But, of course, Representatives Dingell and McCarthy tell us that we
    need HR 297 to stop future Seung-Hui Chos from getting a gun and to
    prevent our nation from seeing another shooting like we had on
    Virginia Tech. Oh really?

    Then why, after passing all of their gun control, do countries like
    Canada and Germany still have school shootings? Even the infamous
    schoolyard massacre which occurred in Ireland in 1997 took place in a
    country that, at that time, had far more stringent gun controls than
    we do.

    Where has gun control made people safer? Certainly not in
    Washington, DC, nor in Great Britain, nor in any other place that has
    enacted a draconian gun ban.


    Regarding Cho's evil actions last Monday at Virginia Tech, your
    Representative needs to understand three things:

    1. If a criminal is a danger to himself and society, then he should
    not be on the street. If he is, then there's no law (or background
    check for that matter) that will stop him from getting a gun and
    acting out the evil that is in his heart. (Remember that Washington,
    DC and England have not stopped bad guys from getting guns!) So why
    wasn't Cho in the criminal justice system? Why was he allowed to
    intermix with other college students? The justice system frequently
    passes off thugs to psychologists who then let them slip through
    their fingers and back into society -- where they are free to rape,
    rob and murder.

    2. Background checks DO NOT ULTIMATELY STOP criminals and mental
    wackos from getting guns. This means that people who are initially
    denied firearms at a gun store can still buy one illegally and commit
    murder if they are so inclined -- such as Benjamin Smith did in 1999
    (when he left the gun store where he was denied a firearm, bought
    guns on the street, and then committed his racist rampage less than a
    week later).

    NOTE: In the first five years that the Brady Law was in existence,
    there were reportedly only three illegal gun buyers who were sent to
    jail. That is why in 1997, a training manual produced by Handgun
    Control, Inc., guided its activists in how to answer a question
    regarding the low number of convictions under the Brady Law. The
    manual basically says, when you are asked why so few people are being
    sent to jail under Brady, just ignore the question and go on the
    attack. [See -- GOF's Gun Control
    Fact Sheet.]

    3. Background checks threaten to prevent INNOCENT Americans like you
    from exercising your right to own a gun for self-defense. No doubt
    you are familiar with the countless number of times that the NICS
    system has erroneously blocked honest Americans from buying a gun, or
    have heard about the times that the NICS computer system has crashed
    for days at a time, thus preventing all sales nationwide -- and
    effectively shutting down every weekend gun show.

    Perhaps the most pernicious way of denying the rights of law-abiding
    gun owners is to continuously add more and more gun owners' names
    onto the roles of prohibited persons. Clinton did this with many
    military veterans in 1999. And Congress did this in 1996, when Sen.
    Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) successfully pushed a gun ban for people who
    have committed very minor offenses that include pushing, shoving or
    merely yelling at a family member. Because of the Lautenberg gun
    ban, millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans can never again own
    guns for self-defense. HR 297 will make it easier for the FBI to
    find out who these people are and to deny firearms to them.

    GOA has documented other problems with this bill in the past. In our
    January alert on HR 297 we pointed out how this bill will easily lend
    itself to bureaucratic "fishing expeditions" into your private
    records, including your financial, employment, and hospital records.

    HR 297 takes us the wrong direction. The anti-gun Rep. Dingell is
    trying to sell the bill to the gun owning public as an improvement in
    the Brady Law. But don't be fooled! The best improvement would be
    to repeal the law and end the "gun free zones" that keep everyone
    defenseless and disarmed -- except for the bad guys.

    CONTACT INFORMATION: You can visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action
    Center at to send your
    Representative the pre-written e-mail message below. And, you can
    call your Representative toll-free at 1-877-762-8762.

    ----- PRE-WRITTEN LETTER -----

    Dear Representative:

    I am a Second Amendment supporter who strongly opposes HR 297 -- the
    NICS Improvement Act of 2007 -- and I strongly agree with Gun Owners
    of America that this bill should be defeated.

    The minor improvements this bill makes to the Brady instant check are
    insignificant when compared to the outrageous invasions of our
    privacy it would permit.

    Gun Owners of America has posted an analysis of HR 297 at on its website, showing how the
    bill will target millions of law-abiding gun owners, including
    thousands of combat veterans who served our country bravely.

    Supporters of this bill say we need it to stop future Seung-Hui Chos
    from getting a gun and to prevent our nation from seeing another
    shooting like the one at Virginia Tech. But honestly, what gun law
    has stopped bad guys from getting a gun? Not in Canada, where they
    recently had a school shooting. Certainly not in Washington, DC or
    in England!

    I think we've got to stop treating criminals like medical patients,
    thus allowing them to slip through the cracks. If we are not going
    to incarcerate dangerous people, then all the gun laws in the world
    will never stop them from getting firearms.

    Don't be misled into thinking that this is a bill that gun owners
    endorse. Most gun owners want Brady repealed, not "fixed." The law
    has done nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns, but it has
    violated the Second Amendment rights of millions of law-abiding



    GOA In The Media

    As you know, GOA spokesmen have been all over the airwaves in recent
    days. We hope to have a number of television appearances posted to
    our streaming video section at
    shortly -- most likely by Wednesday.


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    USMC-R. As the de facto NRA rep here I would like to have confirmation on whether what is stated in this GOA alert is true. Is the NRA working with Rep. McCarthy on gun control legislation?

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    It seems that has become a big understatement.

    I'm glad I'm not a member...