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Well, I got a call back from Rep Johnson's staffer. He's at this point supporting the Bill. I don't know if this is toeing the Democratic Party Line but this needs to be curbed. Politely for now I think. We're still good for not getting this bill out of the House Judiciary Committee, but we need to educate him on this.

I spent about 15 minutes talking to one of his staffers and I think I got part way through to her. I'm composing an e-mail to try to hit the high points for why 1022 is BAD. I need some help here.

1. Overly Broad, Basically anything after 1898 which is semiautomatic can be construed to be an Assault Weapon based on the language.

2. the DOJ has done one study after the sunset of the 94 AWB and they found less than a 6% effectiveness for Assault weapons and victimization changes. The study authors even state that this is probably at the high end of the range based on probability and error rates.

3. Fiscal Costs if you look at the Current Cost of the NFA branch's transfer department and calculate for the real costs for processing transfers what's that extrapolate to? Anyone have an idea?

I have an estimate of 200 Million guns in the US, if 1/8 of those are semi-autos (as covered by the expanded bill) then that's 25 Million firearms. Canada was costing upwards of $2 Billion for 10 Million firearms overall. That's gonna cost us what, $5 Billion for the program? What's the real costs for transfers then we can probably up the cost for the ATF's NFA transfer costs per firearm and then go from there on a ratio for transfers of NFA weapons to total number and get a total number of "New Assault Weapons" and figure the approximate cost.

What's NFA cost for transfers per weapon now?
What's the total number of affected firearms?
How many NFA transfers are there per year?
What's the current number for the NFA registry (1 Million or is that just MGs?)

4. Self Defense, Katrina....there's lots of meat there...

5. Constitutional issues I'm up on.

Once I get this letter composed, I need you guys to give Mr Johnson both barrels on the phones. Lets all call over several Days. The staffer is Alexadrine Debianchi. She seemed nice but didn't know much about guns or even how the Registry works for NFA items.
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