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CrankE said:
New to the website, had CCL since 2002. Glock 23-.40SW in 2003. From Tennessee originally, bleed big orange (some years more than others!). Transferred from south Georgia up here to Cartersville in 2005 and finally work where I can at least leave my Glock inside my locked truck at work. I've heard there was a bill in the house that would allow this, but I guess it didn't get far.

I don't have any CCW tales to tell-and Lord willing it will stay that way, but I sure have enjoyed reading some of yours.

I'd like to find some good Concealed Carry training in this area.

I look forward to chatting with you all.
I had a good frend from Tennessee. It was a couple of years before I discovered why he wore, frequently, these bright orange T-shirts . . .

As for the bill to allow carry in an employer's parking lot - there's always next year. This passed in many other states. There is no reason why it can't here. Can you imagine the reaction if employers started banning Bibles (or the Koran) in their parking lots. No keeping one even in the trunk of your car to take to Wednesday night Bible study after work?

What if they said nor political materials? No having your car on talk radio when driving into the parking lot?

And so on . . .
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