How Would You Handle This?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by GeorgiaGlocker, May 19, 2007.

  1. GeorgiaGlocker

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    I found this over at GlockTalk. Do you agree or disagree?

    I have been advised by an attorney to refuse to answer any LE questions regarding carry status unless it's directly applicable to the situation at hand. Example: there's a shooting and I'm on the scene. Answer the question. Other example: I drive into a DUI checkpoint and am asked about weapons in the car. Advise the LEO that I am not obligated to nor will I answer any fishing expedition questions. Do we bond as best buddies right there on the spot? No. But there is a such a thing as a Constitution in our brief history and we as citizens do bear a responsibility for its upkeep. And we have ourselves to think about.

    Think that's a hard line to take? Consider that you're driving a blue car and you are carrying a .45. Consider that a shooting was reported in the area and you match the very limited "eye witness" account. Perhaps you're taken aside. Disarmed. Taken downtown for some questioning. Your weapon goes away for some testing. Perhaps someone wants to swab your skin to see if you've fired a weapon (and mayhap you're just on the way home from the range). Seem far-fetched? Not to me it doesn't. No fishing expeditions. No unnecessary questions in the absense of an attorney. Period. Be safe out there officer. Goodnight.
  2. Rammstein

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    This is more or less the same question as "give a leo your GFL?" and the consensus was no. There is no need.

  3. Macktee

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    Volunteering any information to a LEO can be a bad idea and may cause you time, trouble and attorney fees. Be polite, they're just doing their jobs and we really do want them to do those jobs, just don't say more than absolutely necessary. TMI can only make things worse.

    And, as always, remember MP's magic words...

    No, not "please and thank you". Those were Captain Kangaroo's magic words!

    These magic words:

    "Am I free to go?"

    Followed by:

    "Have a nice day officer. CYA!"

  4. legacy38

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    I would advise that if you choose to provide any answer that you answer truthfully. The "am I free to go?" is always a good suggestion as it puts the burden on the officer to justify holding you. If you don't want to answer questions after you ask if you are free to leave, simply sit there and don't say a word.