How to use the General Assembly's website for current bills

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    Here is a quick rundown of what link means what
    These are usually updated daily on what has happened and what bills are going to be debated the next day.

    Calendars (one set each for the house and senate)
    The 2 most important ones are:
    "General" - the bills that are ready to be voted on. From that list, the rules committee picks the bills that will be voted on the next meeting of the Assembly.
    "Rules" - the list of bills that will be voted on during the legislative day (time permitting). They most likely will not be voted on in the order listed and they may not get to them all.

    A pdf of the progress of every bill and resolution in the House or Senate.

    "Advanced Search" - Several different search options available. To see all House Bills, select "House Bills" under Bill Type and hit the search button. If looking for a certain bill, such as SB98. Select "Senate Bill" under Bill Type and type in "98" under Number and hit the search button. Search terms are remembered, so if you want to search all bills for the keyword "firearm", make sure the Bill Type is "all bill types" and there is nothing in the Number box. Note that keyword search returns a result if any previous version included the word, not just the current version.

    First Readers - lists the new bills and resolutions introduced each legislative day (the full assembly does not meet every day).

    Prefiles - lists the bills submitted before the session started (if they are still on the list well after the session starts, they are dead bills as they become first reader's on the 2nd or 3rd legislative day.

    "Signed by Governor" - Will become law (or has become law) on the date or condition specified in the bill or if no date or condition is specified, it becomes law the following July 1st.

    Vote numbers are sequential and do not represent the number of a bill (attendance record is created by taking and attendance vote). If you want to know who voted for a bill, search for the bill number using "Advanced Search" click on the bill. If there has been a vote on that bill, there will be a link to the appropriate vote tally.

    For more information on how a bill becomes law, see this post viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9104
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