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when I was a teenager, I used to climb antenna towers like this (but shorter) for fun. It never bothered me then. I don't know if it would now.
But we'd go hand-over-hand from ground level up to the top, 200 or maybe 300 feet up. Often there were no ladders, just posts / spikes.
And since most of those towers were already on hilltops, the view up there was both fantastic and a bit scary.
This video certainly makes me cringe to watch. I want to hug the arms of the chair I'm sitting in for extra stabilty while watching it.

P.S. Climbing towers for fun when you're not a professional repairperson is dangerous and stupid.
Not just the danger of falling, but also of electrocution and radiation.
Don't do it.
But teenagers do stupid things. It's a given.
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