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How much training is enough?

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Personally, I try to get to range at least twice monthly and get professional training once a month if the classes and finances are available. Of course, I don't see my 'range' time as training, but practice...I try to drill as much as the range will allow. I was wondering what everyone's regiment was and if anyone has any favorite trainers both in state and out. After all, your weapon is only as good as you are with it.
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I like to get out to the range at least once a week, depending on work. recently it's been cut down to every other week. No such thing as too much training.
I try to shoot as much as I can, but there are no public ranges down here. Using the school range is out of the question. And the place I used to go shooting at is no longer available.

Next month I am going to give the Lowcountry IDPA match a try.
I think that we all would like to hit the range more than we do, but LIFE just won't allow it. When at the range, do you guys just shoot paper or scenario shooting, inside range or outside? How many rounds in an session? Do you pay for professional instruction either in the state of georgia or do you guys travel outside the state to get training from a range of instructors? I'm just wanting to see where I'm at on the scale.
I just punch paper at this point. Most ranges won't allow drawing from a holster. For me, a normal trip to the range is about 2-3 hundred rounds. I'd love to go to Tactical Response to get some training, but I haven't got the disposable income for something like that at this point.
What do you mean they won't allow drawing from a pistol? I haven't noticed any of the ranges I go to posting not to...if the did insist...I would pack up, pay my tab, and leave. If they allow folks to bring their kids, girlfriends or whoever with absolutely no experience with firearms and shoot next to me...then I don't understand why I can't (with experience, but not an expert by any means). Some of the folks that I've seen in a couple of ranges scare the poop out of me! Yeah, I would like to take a class at Tactical Response, Vickers, Blackwater, etc...but like you the finances and time aren't there. However, I have found a couple of decent trainers in the Metro area. The cost isn't much for an all day class or a +3hr. class.
Yep, life does get in the way, but wonders never cease, today my wife informed me she would like to go shooting with me when I go, something I have been hoping/pushing for a while.
As far as professional training, i was lucky enough to get mine in the Marines, where I was a small arms instructor with pistols and rifles. If anyone is in the southern Georgia area I would be more than happy to provide you with some supplemental training, no cost, it's nice to shoot with other people, and I enjoy teaching.
I was looking into Blackwater, they appear to have good courses, but are very expensive.
Most, if not all, ranges I have been to have rules prohibiting drawing from a holster and firing. So I play by their rules so I can keep going there.

The only time I get to practice that is when I am not at a true range.
Slabertooch- you've had probably the best, indepth training. Next time I have some free time going to Valdosta, I'll let you know. Yeah, if I were going to Blackwater, etc, it would take a few months (maybe 12) to put together everything to go...heck, the supplies and logistics are more than the class.
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