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How many rounds till you feel comfortable with a carry weapon?

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I'm wondering how many rounds you feel you need to have through a weapon before you consider it good to go for carry purposes?
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Personally, 200-250. That's draw and fire practice, not just static hole punching, with several mag-dumps back to back, and no real cleaning or service beyond a cursory glance and a quick wipe-down in between range trips.
Depends on the gun. A Glock would be a few rounds. A Kel-Tec, maybe 100 or so.
No matter what the weapon, keep practicing. There is not a magical number, just how well you shoot.
No matter what the weapon, keep practicing. There is not a magical number, just how well you shoot.
I have no doubts about my shooting. My question was when you feel you can rely upon a new weapon. For me its around 500 trouble free rounds, through several magazines, and including at least 50 carry rounds.
Well... I've carried guns I've NEVER fired. Carried them from the day I bought them until the day I got to the range to try them out a few weeks later.
(I don't recommend this, though).
I've carried guns that I've only shot one time, one range session with 50-100 rounds down the pipe.
But I only carry FMJ in semi's until I actually test them with at least 25 hollow points of the same shape and bullet profile that I will use for defensive carry.

That's one of the reasons I tend to avoid the $1-per-round premium defensive hollowpoint ammo. It's too expensive to burn up in quantity at the range making sure your gun likes it and shoots it to point-of-aim on the sights.

I prefer JHP ammo that you can buy in boxes of 50 rounds for something like $18, which is reasonable. I'll shoot at least 30, more likely 50, of those before I carry them in my gun for defense.
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For me, about 24. If I believe that I would need more than that, I would carry a rifle. At that point I would try to not go to that place.
myGunsToo, I think you missed the point of the O.P.

The question is, how much testing of a new (to you) gun do you feel is necessary (not desirable; not in an ideal world) to run though a gun before you can say, with confidence, that you'll bet your life on this gun functioning in an emergency?
I prefer 100-150 fmj, and at least one mag of my carry round.
That happens when I don't have my cup of coffee. Revising my answer, about 200 FMJ and one box of what ever carry ammo I plan to use while alternating the mags I plan to carry.
Revolver, no worries if brand new, and try a few dry fires to be sure.
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