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I believe Grady is the only one in the metro area that's Level 1.

How many do most cities have? One or two seems to be the norm.

How many does Detroit have? Four. Yeah, FOUR of them and they all stay busy!

The big question, which is discussed in the article, is whether or not they can afford to continue operating them after Obama-Care takes effect. Interesting article for several reasons.

From the Detroit News: ... sh-reality

From the article:

"... Dr. Pat Patton, the chief of trauma surgery at Henry Ford Hospital, said he has more work than he can handle precisely because of these bleak economic times. ...

... “Suffering is brought on by poverty, which is brought on by whatever, and it’s a growing portion of society,†Patton went on, ...

... “But if you’re going to be a trauma surgeon, Detroit is the place to be. Few see as much knife and gun stuff as we do. Think about it like this: Miami has one level-one trauma center; San Antonio has one â€" the Detroit area has four.†...

... With few jobs, there are frustrated men who settle their financial disputes with guns â€" gunshot victims are up 15 percent over the past five years, Patton informs. ...

... of the 100,000 people who came through the emergency room door at Henry Ford last year, more than 1,500 were funneled to a trauma surgeon â€" eight of whom work on a rotating basis. ..."

From The Detroit News: ... z11fvQ52nk

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NOLA EMT said:
4 in the whole state, and none south of Macon.
Memorial Health University Medical Center
4700 Waters Avenue
PO Box 23089
Savannah, Ga 31404

Phone: (912) 350-8027

Level 1 â€" w/ Pediatric commitment
4.1.14 version

I'd say that's south of Macon.

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Perhaps this may shed some light....


Hospital officials support the new [super speeder] law but say even if the fines meet expectations they still won't come close to making up for more than $170 million in uncompensated care the medical facilities provide each year. That's largely due to uninsured victims who are rushed in for lifesaving care.

The staggering costs of providing trauma care have led some to drop the voluntary "trauma" designation. That has left large swaths of rural Georgia without trauma care centers.
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