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I heard James Yeager (love him or hate him isn’t the point) make the following comment in a YouTube video the other day: “Keep in mind that we’re a big bag of water. And so, the lower we can get our bag of water to the ground, the more stable the platform.â€

I certainly found that to be true. The shots shown in first photo were taken as I was standing and shooting offhand at 50 yards. In the second photo (shot at the same distance) taken only a few minutes later, all I did was kneel down on one knee while still supporting the rifle with my arms only.

Right now I’m too overweight and inflexible to get into the classic kneeling position (sitting back on the rear leg while resting the rifle on the front leg). And, I’m having some issues with prone also. So, I’m looking for that combination of a stable shooting position with a quick and easy transition from, and back to, standing for us “maturing†men.


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