How do you store your HD shotgun?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gsusnake, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. gsusnake

    gsusnake Token Liberal Hippie

    I've got a pump, and since I'm not terribly familiar with the action of it yet (only 50 shots through it, and I'm new to shotguns anyway) I've been keeping 4 shells loaded in the mag, empty chamber, with the safety off. That way, if I have to use it, all I have to do is pump and pull, no safety required.

    How does everyone else keep their pumps? If you keep it loaded, do you keep one in the chamber with the safety on?
  2. viper32cm

    viper32cm New Member

    Same way you do. I think that's how most pump shotguns are kept. Mag loaded, hammer down, safety off.

  3. Thorsen

    Thorsen New Member

    I'm probably more comfortable with a shotgun than any other weapon. I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but I keep my home defense shotgun completely loaded, to include one in the chamber, with the safety on.
  4. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Both chambers loaded, (Mossberg-style) safety on.
  5. gsusnake

    gsusnake Token Liberal Hippie

    I really think it's a comfort issue with me. The trigger pull on that 870 is light, and i just don't trust it yet. I also don't really like where the safety is located and I'm afraid that since the other firearms in my house that are loaded (Sig and AK) either lack a safety (Sig) or are stored without a round in the chamber (AK), that I won't think to go to the safety. At this point, I'm still reaching for the Sig first before anything else, because I've practiced the most with it and I'm most comfortable with it.
  6. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    What kind of shotgun?
  7. USMC - Retired

    USMC - Retired Active Member

    Locked in the gun safe with my other long guns. Pistols for home defense...
  8. JiG

    JiG Awaiting censure

    Same as you.

    Full mag, Ready to pump. 5 more on the stock.

    I don't want to have to remember the safety when i'm groggy after being woke up. If i can get up in time to get the shotgun and use it effectively, i will...

    ... that said, my primary weapon for HD is my .45 with laser. The BG has adrenaline flowing, i'm groggy from just waking up, the laser will help me be on target. Plus the multitude of reasons to respond with a handgun over a long gun....

    .... that said, i can cover both entry points in my home from my bedroom. I.e. a BG won't get the opportunity to grab my shotgun. If i can get to my feet, the shotgun is my tool. If i don't have time, the .45 is my tool.

    ETA: a good watchdog is the first defense.
  9. Thorsen

    Thorsen New Member

    Winchester model 1300 Defender in 12 gauge.
  10. 1911packer

    1911packer Guest

    Mossburg pump. Five in the mag, one down the pipe, safety on.

    First five rounds are #1 buck, last is a slug.
  11. Tinkerhell

    Tinkerhell Active Member

    five in the mag, one in the chamber, safety on and... in the safe.

    The driveway alarm, locked doors, dogs, locked bedroom door and the glock next to the bed should buy me enough time to key in the code & grab the mossy 500 or the ak & a mag for that if something goes bump in the night. If all that fails, well then whatever got me was just better than me. :?
  12. Firearmz

    Firearmz New Member

    Cruiser ready (loaded magazine tube, 6 on the side).
  13. merlock

    merlock Active Member

    Full mag; ready to pump-n-shoot.
  14. Mobster989

    Mobster989 New Member

    Just one in the chamber, safety off, and a string rigged from the door to the trigger. :twisted: No, not really.

    All my firearms at home have the chamber empty, the safety on, and the mag full. The only exception is the Mauser, which has one in the chamber. I don't want to shoot myself accidentally while I'm half asleep, the sound of a round being chambered seems to open eyes.
  15. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician



    Just picked up a pump (arrives Friday). Will keep 6 in the tube, 4 in the side saddle. Sling and light mounted for now with red dot scope (likely will take this off). Loaded, chamber empty, safety off. Store out of reach of little hands but handy enough to put into action quickly.

    In HD situation - I would grab pistol (stored condition 1) with paddle holster for backup. Use SG as primary defense weapon.
  16. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    Agreed. I recommend Dachshunds. Death by weiner dog is a horrible way to go. They're small, nimble, and make for a good distraction.

    As to my HDS: Benelli Nova Tactical with tube extension.

    mag full, 7 rounds buckshot
    stock sleeve with 5 slugs ready for tactical load if necessary
    chamber empty, safety off

    my combat load procedure is to pull the trigger and rack the shotgun while holding the slide still relative to the gun... allows me to the the gun to my shoulder faster.
  17. AV8R

    AV8R Banned

    Full tube, one in the chamber, safety on. Five shells on the sling.
  18. MCM&P

    MCM&P Guest

    I keep mine under the bed, I load 3 nothing in the chamber, safety on. I don't fully load it because I don't want anything getting fatigued inside (springs etc.) just like a pistol mag. I have another shotgun in a case beside this one, but wouldn't do to much good for home protection. 870 Remi...with the slug barrel and scope. Why a scope on a shotgun you ask? Well because in Michigan where I am originally from, when you enter swamps to look for the big guy, it's easier then using open sights when or if you need to shoot thru brush. Thing is spot on at 100yards too. The one I leave open is my 20guage with full's my bird gun.
  19. luke0927

    luke0927 New Member

    9 rounds in the Benelli...well not yet i don't have the mag extension yet :(

    I keep my pistol on my night stand and my 1100 is loaded in the room with me as well.
  20. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    But then you don't get to rack one into the chamber while reciting a witty one-liner, like, "Hasta la vista, baby!"