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How do the criminals do it?

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I've been kinda wondering how your standard thug goes about arming himself. What kinds of guns do they really buy (or steal)?

Do they know the differnece between calibers or why that should matter? Do they even know what kind of bullets will or will not fit in a particular gun?

What kind of ammo do they shoot and where do they get it? Do you think criminals know the difference between FMJ and JHP? Do the go to Wally World and buy the cheapest crap that will fit their "piece" they can find? Do they go to a real gun store and ask for "doz scaree azz bulitz dey show'd on da newz?"

How do they carry them? Have you ever seen some saggy-britches fellow swagger into the store to get a holster for his "glok-fo-tay"? :shattered: How on earth would he keep it in his waistband when he has to hold up his pants whenever he walks to the car?

Do they actually know anything about their guns, how they work, or how to use them effectively? (Not properly, mind you, effectively?)

These are the things I wonder. I'm really not looking to bash or take cheap shots at those clearly not known for their intellectual prowess, I just wonder if they get anything right, or just how wrong do they get it? :-k
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