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I repeat, how could this happen in New Jersey? Isn't the whole state a "gun free" zone and aren't guns prohibited? I'm shocked! Shocked I say...

Yahoo! News

Police: 2 dead, 3 hurt in N.J. shooting

By MATTHEW VERRINDER, Associated Press Writer 20 minutes ago

A bar brawl that spilled out onto the streets of a working-class neighborhood early Saturday led to a shooting that left at least two people dead and three injured, police said.

A police officer at the scene, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case, confirmed that police were responding to the brawl, along with the number of dead and injured. The officer provided no other details.

Police referred questions to the Middlesex County prosecutor's office, which did not immediately respond to calls on Saturday.

Investigators at the scene told WNBC-TV and WABC-TV that at least one police officer fired a weapon, but did not know if the shots were responsible for any deaths or injuries.

Vincent Uveges, 46, said he and his family were woken up by shots and screams outside his house.

"I saw three guys on the ground. Two of them was wounded and one was obviously dead. It was a lot of shots going off very quickly. The guy who was lying dead on the sidewalk had a gun," Uveges said.

Laura Ruiz, 23, said her husband John Ruiz, 24, was shot in the leg. He was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released, she said. She declined to discuss how the shooting happened.

"'Wrong place, wrong time,' is what he keeps telling me," she said.
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