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    I have just received my CCW from Houston county. Being Active duty Military, I just brought in my military ID and PCS orders to the county courthouse in Perry. I went to the probate court which is the right hall after you enter through security. The cost was $79 since I paid with a credit card. Just filled out a small form and got fingerprinted (scanned). Sheriff's office is in same building, right around the corner from the Probate court (first office on the right after you go through security). Everyone was very helpful and courteous. I recieved my license in the mail in 6 days!

    Hope this helps others in Houston County

  2. Kingfish

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    Sounds like a good system. Better than having to run across town to get fingerprinted.

    But what is a "CCW"?

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    It just burns my bacon to have to pay to be able to exercise my Second Amendment rights.

    Let see, how about a $500,000 tax on each of the main stream media outlets to allow them to exercise the First Amendment?