House District 102 2018 race

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    This is kind of interesting.

    So, while Zach Procter mentions on his website that he is a GCO member, I could find no mention of the gun issue at all on Paula Hastings website.

    Past robocalls from Ms. Hastings were generic ads about "conservative Republican" active in the community, yada yada.

    Today's Hastings robocall was all about supporting gun rights, how she's got an A rating from the NRA, how you can look it up on their website, how Zach Procter even refused to return the questionnaire, etc.

    Sure enough, Hastings has an NRA rating of Aq, while Proctor has question mark.

    I'm just kind of amused at Hastings sounding all NRA fangirl, this late in the runoff, after not so much as mention of guns I could find on her website.
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    Zach is very much a pro-gun guy. He has been teaching the US Law Shield Seminars for a while and has spoken to the NEA GCo chapter. I believe that he is an excelent choice to suceed Buzz for the 102nd district.
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