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    So far I have found that they are licensed/regulated by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Office of Regulation Services (ORS).

    290-9-7-.08 Hospital Ownership. There shall be full disclosure of hospital ownership to the Department at the time of the initial application and when requested. In the case of corporations and partnerships, the names of all corporate officers, partners, and all others owning five (5) percent or more of corporate stock or ownership shall be made known to the Department.
    Authority O.C.G.A. Sec. 31-7-3.

    A few definitions

    (c) Bylaws means a set of laws or rules formally adopted internally by a facility, organization, or specified group of persons to govern internal functions or practices within that group, facility, or organization.
    (d) Department means the Department of Human Resources of the State of Georgia.
    (e) Governing body means the hospital authority, board of trustees or directors, partnership, corporation, entity, person, or group of persons who maintain and control the hospital.

    It says the Bylaws will say who is the Governing body of the Hospital. So the only way I have found so far to find out if a hospital is public or private is to request that info of ownership from the DHR.

    I'll keep looking...
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    Wellstar info

    This is all from Hoover's, a D&B reporting company, similar to Thomas Register. The important info is "Company Type". Everything on Hoover's and the Wellstar site indicates that, other than normal governmental regulatory invlolvment, the Wellstar Health System is private.

    Tresspass is about the worst. They do have *one* sign in the ER waiting room at Kennestone Hospital that has the gun w/bared circle and underneath the code section number referenceing, I think, the defenitions section.


    Hoover's Online - Fact Sheet - Saturday, May 14, 2005

    WellStar Health System, Inc.
    805 Sandy Plains Rd.
    Marietta, GA 30066
    Phone: 770-792-7600
    Fax: 770-793-7975

    Covered by Sally Alt:
    When you wish upon this star, a wish for health you make could very well come true. WellStar Health System serves Georgia's Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas, and Paulding counties. WellStar Health's network includes five acute care hospitals that combined have more than 1,100 beds. The health care system also operates a physician group with some 45 locations; hospice and home care programs; Atherton Place, an independent living center for senior citizens; and four urgent care services. Other network facilities offer outpatient medical imaging and wound care.

    Key Numbers
    Company Type Private - Not-for-Profit
    D&B D-U-N-S Number Subscribers Only
    Fiscal Year-End June
    Sales (mil.) $471.5 (est.)
    Employees 10,000

    Key People
    President and CEO Robert A. (Rob) Lipson
    CFO Marsha Burke
    EVP, Operations Paul Johnson
    VP, Business Development Subscribers Only
    CIO Subscribers Only

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    I missed this one before. I am glad someone is looking into it, but one thing strikes me as odd. It seems that your research so far is resulting in the fact that one may be violating the law (public gathering) because he does not have the research capability to find out who the owner is? That is a bad law. Too indefinite.
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    I was recently tangentially involved in a construction project that everyone assumed was public, involving a hospital, that years later was confirmed to be private. Everyone proceeded throughout as if it was public all along, complying with all the statutes applicable to a public construction project.

    All the more reason why "public gatherings" as a place off limits needs to be excised completely from the code. 16 - 11 - 127 and 127.1 just need to be repealed in their entirety.

    To the extent that any place just needs to be off limits for some reason or another (not that I think any place necessarily should be), it needs to be listed, in one place, and so clearly listed that a child can understand it.
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    Ok, so Cobb Hospital (a WellStar hospital) is a private hospital?

    My wife and I are touring the maternity ward tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be violating any laws by carrying there (CC).

    If it's private (and someone happens to notice my gun), then the worst that can happen is I can be asked to leave, right?
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    My ife and I were in the maternaty ward 3 weeks ago and I never saw any signs, but I would reccomrnd CC over OC at the hospital
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    Thanks, budone1967! Good to know there are no signs. I always CC, so that I avoid :panic: .

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    So if I carry at Columbus Regional, am I violating the PG law or the thou shall not carry in government owned or operated facility law?
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    We don't know. What kind of law makes you run a title search.
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    IIRC, Wellstar has signs on the ER doors. But since they are privately owned.......