Horrible trigger discipline...

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    Lemme see if I have this straight...
    Ms VictimizedVagina works as a manager in Stockport, Greater Manchester.
    Mr ShotgunSexToy lives in Harehills, Leeds, roughly about an hour and a half away by rail.

    Ms VictimizedVagina reveals to Mr ShotgunSextoy via text message details of a certain sexual nature a few days prior to the incident reported. \\:D/

    Ms VictimizedVagina, arranges lodging at the nearby Britannia Hotel in Stockport, Greater Manchester so that her dearest friend may come for a visit.[-o<

    Mr ShotgunSexToy, in the most fortunate of happenstance, finds a loaded shotgun in the loo of the Wetherspoon's pub at Leeds train station.:^o

    Mr ShotgunSexToy, then hops on a train to visit Ms VictimizedVagina who has arranged lodging at the Britannia Hotel, Stockport, Greater Mancheter (quite reasonably priced at $37USD/nightly with free WiFi).:drink::-$

    Mr ShotgunSexToy then accidentally discharges the shotgun which he found by the most fortuitous of circumstances into Ms VictimizedVagina's happybox, dresses, leaves the Britannia via it's back entrance after phoning reception and informing a manager that some strange tart lying in a pool and distributing swords got shot. :whistle:

    Mr ShotgunSexToy then makes his way back to the Piccadilly train station where he caught a train back to Leeds.:panic:

    What an absolute Prince of a guy, his trigger discipline is the least of his worries though.:handcuffs:
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