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    Does this definition apply to a business or organization that, by its own description, is not a school but it is "study center" dedicated to the education (or to supplement to the education) of middle and high school homeschoolers?

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    "If"the state of Georgia required all private schools to be licensed with the state and have an address of the campus on file, then the answer would be easy to determine:
    Does that homeschooling support business have a registered address as a school with the state?

    But Georgia does *not* require licensing and registration for private schools (unless they want to participate in certain public finance tuition assistance programs.)

    So.... I would ask another question: does this facility advertise itself and hold itself out as a private school?

    One of the ones that you listed-- the Living Science Center on North Arnold Mill Rd. in Woodstock --does call itself a private school. So therefore I would say it is, and the gun control laws of 16-11-127.7 will apply there.
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    So does these "private driving schools" fall under this same reasoning?

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    A driving school doesn't teach the kind of school subjects that George is compulsory education act requires kids to study. It also does not teach them postsecondary education subjects. So I would say although it's called a "school" it's not really, not for the purposes of 16-11-127.1.

    Teaching people one particular life skill of a very limited scope on a non-academic topic means it is not the type of school or institution in this law was meant to cover.

    Same for martial arts schools. Defensive shooting schools, or sniper schools.
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    I don't think this kind of "school" counts, even though they use the word school in their name.
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    If lawmakers want to ban the carrying of guns at schools, they should only ban it for criminals, not for people who want to carry in case criminals ignore the law.
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