Homeowner Shoots Man with Stick

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. jrm

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    I was intrigued by the subject heading, but I was disappointed to learn that the homeowner used a gun.

  2. Manwell

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    I’m interested to see how this turns out… probably won’t hear anything else.

  3. thebugman

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    Hope the homeowner is okay and doesn't have to deal with a lawsuit. this is the reason we need to change our laws to something more similiar to Floridas.

    The title reminded me of an old joke.

    A Private in the Army after loosing his weapon for the second time returns to the Supply Sergeant to have a new weapon issued. The Supply Sergeant hands him a broom and says to use that.

    The Private asks him "What am I supposed to do with this?"

    Sergeant replies "When you see the enemy approaching point the broom and say bangity, bangity bangity." Matter of factily.

    The Private being a good soldier heads back to his fox hole and as the enemy approached he pointed his broom and shouted bangity, bangity bang! Much to his suprise guy were dropping left and right. This continued for days. Finally much to his suprise someone from the enemy didn't seem to be phased by his "weapon" The enemy just kept aproaching all the while the the Private kept pointing and yelling bangity, bangity, bang.

    Later when asked what happened after his position was overtaken by the enemy soldier, and he awoken in the hospital. He replied, All I remember hearing was tankity, tankity, tank.

    Bad I know, but I heard it 30+ years ago.
  4. Sharky

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    Agreed......The more I watch and read on this site and Packing.org I realize GA is just one open book for issues! Seems case by case in my opinion. Wonder how big the "stick" was.........

    GA very much needs something like FL. I used to live there and they have it pretty set. After the car jacking today in the ATL area, that would definitely help clear up any room for prosecution!