Home Invasion Robberies

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by gunsmoker, Aug 15, 2006.

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    AJC.com reports three home invasion robberies overnight. One of them involved a resident of the home engaging the bad guys in a gun battle and leaving one dead. This is good news. I hope more home invaders end up similarly situated.

    The defending resident apparently did not have his gun unloaded, locked up, and the ammunition in a separate locked container. Good for him! (Assuming that there were no kids in that house).

    Side issue: The home invaders got into this guy's house undetected. He didn't realize they were there until he found them already walking around inside his place. That's bad. They should have had to break in, using methods that take time and make noise. That way, they can all be gunned-down together as they try to rush through the door at the same time. But then, few home defenders are going to be aiming a water-cooled and belt-fed weapon from behind sandbags, as I would...
    ... (just kidding)
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    Water Cooled thats old school!!! Thats WWI time frame.

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    Which is why I keep a loaded Ruger Mini-14 with a 20 round mag at my bedside.
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    The more invasions that are met with force, residents fighting back, will help show people its way past time to stand up and protect yourself.

    I dont even leave the room half the time without my piece in my apartment. Watching TV, its on the table. You never know when things can go south!

    No pun intended........
    I would like to see their the invaders face meeting that kind of force!