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Discussion in 'In the News' started by ber950, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Begging the Question

    This is just another of many examples of groups of African-American /black males pulling home invasion robberies on Hispanic / Latino homes. This is getting to be quite a problem, especially because it often ends in the murder of the victims.

    Now this begs the question, what self-defense options are available for hispanic families who feel vulnerable to such an attack?

    Can they have guns to defend themselves? Not if they are illegal aliens, of course. In fact, not even if they are here legally with some immigration status other than Lawful Permanent Resident. Per the federal government's new post-9/11 law, only citizens and green card holders can possess firearms.

    Can the hispanic community in general stop keeping large amounts of cash on their persons and in their homes, which is why they make such attractive targets for robbers? Sadly, no. Not so long as federal and state laws require them to show proper I.D. when opening a bank account, or when they try to get a job that pays them with a paycheck instead of in cash. Making the federal government involved in every bank account in the country may be a good way to track down terrorists and organized criminals, but it also leads, quite predictably, to many people choosing to fly under the radar and use cash-only for all their transactions.

    Do illegal aliens (the ones whose only crime is coming here undocumented and working without the government's permission-- not the ones involved in gang and drug activity) have a right to keep and bear arms? Does the Bill of Rights apply to them? But under our current system of laws, is that "right" recognized and given any effect?

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    If they are here illegally, they have *NO* rights, period.
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    I dissagree...

    They have the right to get the heck out!
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    Yep! I'll definately agree with that.
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    i did a mapquest on this addy.
    it is 2.9 miles from my house.
    and the wife says
  6. You don't need to have a wife either :x
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    time for symantics...

    Just tell your wife that she is right, you don't need a gun permit...Then when your GFL arrives, you can tell her it's a license, not a permit.... ;)

    I carry at all times around the house also...What I fail too understand, is why is there an increase in such violent crimes and illegal entry by Teens and even pre teens...There's been a few this year....I would defend my household and family beyond a doubt, but taking the life of a pre teen who isn't even old enough to make his own lifes choices would be a difficult decision, but would be done if necessary..>Especially if he is weilding a 12 guage in me or my family's direction...
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    in this case a permit was not needed.
    if she had one she would be more
    likely to have her pistol on or about her
    person. instead of a night stand.
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    Honestly, this may seem horrible or harsh. But like Taurus I wouldn't have a problem smoke checking a kid who has a weapon and is putting me or my family in danger. He is the one making the "adult" decision to put me or my family in harm.

    There is a saying which doesn't necessarly have to do with this exact story. But it goes in general "I'd rather be tried by twelve, then carried by six."
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    i saw on the news that they are charging all exccept
    the 12 yr. old as adults.
    i think if he was man enough to pick up that gun
    a break into someone's house he is man enough
    to stand trial as an adult.
    just my opinion.