Home Invaders Report Homeowner to Police

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    No, this is not a joke! Seen on Clayton Cramer's Blog:

    Why I Will Not Live in Canada
    Nice people, beautiful country. But their legal system is obviously run by morons ( http://www.cjob.com/news/index.aspx?src ... &rem=40859 ):

    Two suspects in a weekend home invasion went straight to the police after the incident... because the homeowner shot at them.

    According to police, it happened about 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, 45 kilometres north of Roblin.

    Two men kicked in the front door of the home, and the property owner grabbed a firearm.

    At that point the invaders left... but as they were going, a shot was fired at their vehicle and hit the driver.

    The culprits drove to Russell to complain to the RCMP.

    The driver was treated for his injuries and released to the police.

    Now, 28 year old Harvey Joseph Young is charged with Attempted Murder, along with eight other weapons and firearm-related charges.

    Fifty- year- old Terry Eldred Curle of Russell and 37 year old Darren Norman Lindsay of Roblin face several charges each in connection with the home invastion attempt.

    Oh well, at least they charged the intruders as well, instead of declaring them honorary Mounties.

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    Source: http://www.claytoncramer.com/weblog/blogger.html

    (footnote: This is the same Clayton Cramer who wrote the article on the racist history of gun control laws)
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    Fair Enough

    If the robbers were in full retreat and were being shot at while they tried to flee the scene of their unsuccessful crime, this would not be a good shoot in most jurisdictions. You can't use deadly force to stop a fleeing felon in most legal systems. When the threat to your life and your home ends, your right to shoot the bad guys also ends. I'm not surprised that the homowner will face charges.

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    Given that it's Canada, I'm not surprised the homeowner will face charges. But, I'm befuddled that the robbers essentially confessed to the crime in order to report the homeowner. :shock:
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    Yeah, criminals don't always make the wisest choices. But if they considered attempted burglary or robbery to be "small" crimes and if they considered shooting at someone to be one of the most serious crimes one could committ, maybe they figured it was worth it to take down the homeowner. Maybe they knew him and had a vendetta against him.

    Or maybe they knew they were going to get caught anyway, because of the fact that one of them had suffered a gunshot wound and needed medical attention, and (I presume) all hospitals in Canada have to report all gunshot injuries to the police to be investigated (most U.S. states have the same law). So they knew that the injured guy would be arrested, and upon questioning or further investigation the name of the accomplice would become known...

    Maybe they thought that if THEY call the police first, before they police found them later, they could better argue that they were not burglars or robbers at all, and the crazy, paranoid, trigger-happy homeowner mistakenly thought they were bad guys?

    I have heard of dope dealers who get 'jacked of their cash and stash calling the cops to report the crime. Sometimes they even name the drugs that were stolen. Usually they just mention the cash. But they want the cops to locate and arrest the robbers. Then the dealers will know who is responsible and where they are (the local jail). Then they can make plans to get revenge, or at least arrange an interrogation session involving methods that Senator McCain would not approve of.