Holster Exchange??

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Sine Nomen, May 3, 2007.

  1. Sine Nomen

    Sine Nomen New Member

    I've now started my own rendition of the ubiquitous "drawer-full-of holsters" and it got me to thinking: How many folks have the same unused holsters floating around? Is there a better way to try more while buying less?

    I wonder if we could have a big pile that lives somewhere convenient where you could toss in a holster that doesn't work for you and dig out something that may suit you better. Before I bought my gun, I thought SmartCarry was going to be the hot set-up, but my body-gun-clothing combination just bulges up too much there for my comfort. I would gladly toss a SmartCarry into a bin and root around for an ankle holster to try for a few days or weeks, and maybe return to try IWB or OWB for a bit. It would be REALLY convenient if I decided that the Kahr simply wasn't the right pistol and wanted to swap them all out.

    It's true that we may still end up with a big bin full of holsters that no one can ever find a use for, but I think it would be better to have it where a fellow GFL carrier can give it a try too. Plus it will get them out of your sock drawer because we all need more room for nice clean socks :)
  2. jp233

    jp233 hu huh, you said "Member"

    which Kahr are you considering dumping? if its an MK9 i might be listening :)

  3. Sine Nomen

    Sine Nomen New Member

    Oh no, not planning to forsake my Kahr any time soon. I :love: my PM9. It was just a hypothetical for anyone that may change guns.
  4. Adam5

    Adam5 Atlanta Overwatch

    I would be willing to contribute a pair of extra holsters to the cause.

    Sine: How big is that Kahr? I have a Ross Leather IWB holster that I don't use anymore. It fits my Walther PPK/S.
  5. S&W 40

    S&W 40 Active Member

    Why not just bring any unused (not in service) to the meetings for anyone to try out and maybe do some bartering? Another good reason to show up.
  6. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    Hmmm.... an Idea

    How about we not only clean out our sock drawers of all those unused holsters, but let's go further. Let's all pile our unmatched single socks in one place and see if we can't get a few matched pairs out the deal!
  7. Sine Nomen

    Sine Nomen New Member

    Re: Hmmm.... an Idea

    Matched pairs? Who needs that? The only time my socks match is when I bought a new bag to avoid doing laundry or I'm wearing sandals. 8)
  8. steelhorses

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    No offense but I'll pass on the used socks and the used smart carry :shock: