Hogue grips for Sig 226

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by gsusnake, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. gsusnake

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    My new Hogue grips got here today.

    If you haven't ordered direct from Hogue in the past, I highly recommend that you do so. I ordered these on the 17th and they were in my mailbox -- from California -- on the 19th.

    The only problem I had (apart from finding my hex keys) was that the counterbores on the new grips had some rubber that had flowed over in to them, so I had to scrape that out with a knife before I could get them on. I also had to scrape some old red Loctite off the screws.

    They feel absolutely great... like a dream. The gun settles into a good firing position immediately as soon as you grip it.

    Another interesting note, when I took the original grips off I noticed I could see the whole firing mechanism, so I played around a little and I now feel completely comfortable about dropping the hammer on a full chamber with the decocker. I knew it was safe, but now that I've seen it myself (the firing pin is unable to move forward unless you pull the trigger back) I'm more comfortable in doing so.
  2. zookeper

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    hogues are great, i have them also on one of my s&w snubbys. the hogue grips that i had on my p239 forced my middle finger uncomfortably into the trigger guard so i put the factory grips back on and pulled a hogue jr. over them and that combo, same as i have on my p232, worked great.

  3. VolGrad

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    I just received them for my (still not yet arrived, hopefully today) P220 Carry too. I did like them on the P229 ls1ssdavid bought from me so I got another set.
    EDIT: Tried two different sets for my P220. Neither fit well. Seemed pretty far out of spec. Sent back for refund. Sad.
  4. Adam5

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    I want to get a set of those or Pierce grips for my 226. I put Pierce wrap around grips on my Armscor 1911 last week. The made for a large grip, but they feel great !