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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by 45_Fan, Oct 1, 2010.

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    After reading this thread and shooting an IDPA match that required hammer down where I normally carry cocked and locked...I realized I'm not as much of a DA/SA fan as I thought I was. It makes sense though as all the range time and training I've done was SA only because I always start cocked and locked.

    So, I replaced the variant 1 parts of my USP-T with LEM parts. The result? :love: As far as a range report, I first noticed my grip was well, wrong. The first magazine hammered the thumb knuckle at the edge of the web of the hand and I figured "Ouch, I'm doing something way wrong." The second magazine I made sure the web of my hand was nestled all the way up and I still got hammered on the first 2 rounds. Hrm, time to re-evaluate my grip. Apparently I was riding the lever that no longer existed. I let the pistol rotate slightly to take up the slack so that my thumb can rest parallel to the frame again and the hammering goes away -- then I notice my groups tightened up. I let that soak in as I got to 40/100 rounds for the day. The next 36 rounds were slow fire and getting used to the much shorter trigger reset. The next 12 rounds were double tap left double tap right. The final 12 rounds were single shots on a pair of targets with followup shots on a pair of targets. I am not ready to attempt a triple nickel or anything, but I am pleased with I did for a first trip out on a new trigger.

    I think I'm a fan, but I've got several thousand rounds though the pistol in a variant 1 configuration and the muscle memory is reassuring me that the trigger reset is another 3/8ths of an inch forward of where it actually is now, so I have some retraining to do for faster followup shots.
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    I'm glad you like it. I am just not a fan of the LEM; the funny thing is, I like Glock triggers. I prefer HK's V3 FCG setup. The biggest issue for me with the LEM, the trigger travel is so much longer than a V3 in SA mode. One thing that really improved my P2000SK V3 was ordering a $10 reduced weight hammer spring from Wolf Springs. It brought the DA down to about 10lbs and the SA to about 4.5lbs.

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    I kept the match trigger and the previous springs. The pull is ~4 lbs unless I'm dry firing and then it is 15 lbs or so on the second pull. As far as live rounds, there is a long pull for the first shot and everything else is short. There is no over-travel.

    I'm also not thinking my experience would be the same as the P2000SK either... ... 000-sk-FAQ

    Those sound a little different from what the USP has. If we ever do a range trip, I'll bring my V1 parts and let you try it both ways. I'm trying to recall if my playing with a P2000 or HK45 was a same or different LEM setup. I think I was too busy giggling at the suppressors to remember trigger pull though. :(
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    The safety officers like to tell you you can't start in condition 1, but if you shoot either CDP or ESP show them the rulebook, hammer down is only required for SSP. I shoot with an HK45 in CDP and more than once an SO has tried to tell me you have to start hammer down if you have a decocker.
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    I have a pair of USP 9mm's with the lem trigger. Very nice.
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    I think most everybody that night got lumped into SSP or SSR, but I wasn't terribly concerned about it. I wound up getting a better setup and improved technique out of it, so it is VERRY hard for me to complain about it now. :mrgreen:

    The wife punched holes with it on the last range visit. Her double-taps were fist-sized groupings at 7 yards and the did-I-do-that look was priceless.

    My groups and followups continue to improve, but I can tell I have some more work to do. The good news is that I know exactly what I have to work on as well as the how and why.
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    I love the LEM. One of my "short list" guns is a P30 LEM. I foolishly traded one away. I regret that.