Hispanics and the Future of Gun Rights

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    Immigration, particularly the huge influx of both legal and illegal immigrants from Latin America (across the largely unguarded Mexican border) has been all over the news lately (for the last couple years, since the results of the 2000 Census were published).

    I wonder how these immigrants view guns, gun ownership, and if they recognize a "right" to keep and bear arms?

    Right now, I think most of these Latinos are both isolated from mainstream American society, and segregated within it. And right now, I believe that Latino immigrants' interest in guns is primarily self-defense, although just owning one for the sake of owning one, just because it's available here and wasn't available wherever they were from, is a factor too. So is the machismo thing-- if you're a man, you ought to have a weapon, because weapons and fighting go hand-in-hand with being a man.

    Self-defense is only one possible (legitimate) reason to own a gun. White Americans whose families have been here for several generations typically also own guns for hunting, and collecting (as a hobby, or as an investment).

    In Georgia, Hispanics make up probably 30% of our population. It's hard to get an exact figure, because so many are illegal and so many more are not fully participating in all aspects of our society. Many of them stay under-the-radar and behind the scenes. In just a couple of generations, and within our lifetime, Hispanics will probably be the numerical majority in our state, although their influence in the polictical process may not be as strong as their numbers would support.

    What is the future of the Second Amendment and Georgia's gun laws when all those Hispanics get politically active and start taking positions on certain controversial issues? Will they be conservative or liberal? Will they vote according to the doctrine of the Church, or the socialist ideology of the country that they (or their parents) left? Who will be their first generation of popular and well-respected Latin-American leaders, and what sort of life experiences relating to guns, gun control, and gun rights, will those leaders bring to the table when deciding how the Hispanic community should react to some new proposed legislation?

    Who here is in favor of taking a Mexican shooting ? (I mean as a guest, and returning him safely thereafter !!!) Does anyone here think that even illegal immigrants ought to try to integrate into our society as much as possible, including asserting their "rights" as well as bearing their responsibilities? (You gotta admit, Hispanics are a hard-working bunch. There's a lot more of them living off wages earned from hard labor than living off of some welfare program). Or should we take the attitude of, "You're not really an American yet, so don't go thinking or acting like one! Guns are for people like US, not people like YOU!"

    When people like them outnumber people like us, and they get to set whatever gun control policy they think is in the best interest of THEIR PEOPLE, how will our attitudes toward them today shape our whole society's gun rights in the future?

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    Majority liberal. They come form a socialist country. I fear them influencing the vote too much for the same reason I no longer advocate militarily seizing the western half of Canada[1] - it would result in too many votes for socialism.

    [1] I still think this would have been a good idea in 1844-46. President Polk should have been impeached for his refusal to follow through on his campaign promises of 54 40 or fight! Coward. Oh, and in and indirect way we have the Mexicans to thank for that one, too!

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    Western Canada includes Alberta which is very conservative and also has the oil and gas. Eastern Canada has Quebec and Ottawa which are very liberal.

    As for Hispanics, I find many Cubans and South Americans to be very pro-gun. Gun ownership in Mexico is not allowed, so Mexican's tend to be anti-gun, BUT they won't push their views on the rest of us like NY liberals do. These are just observations with no basis in science.
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    Cubans Like Guns

    I have heard that in southern Florida, all those Cuban-Americans and Cuban expatriots are supporters of the Second Amendment, and regularly own guns. Those that can legally buy firearms often buy good quality ones, and they use them for target shooting, hunting, and collecting, not just for defense. Of course Cuba's situation is unique and not typical of most immigrants from Latin America-- the Cubans tend to come from wealthier families and they are better-educated, and they are highly political / ideological.
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    Re: Cubans Like Guns

    I noticed that the day they had a parade in Miami when Castro passed power to his brother when he went into the hospital (Not an organized parade event with floats or outfits mind you, more like a spontanious-dance-in-the-street kind of parade).