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Hiccup Girl Charged with 1st Degree Murder

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I remember seeing her on TV. Of course the mother of this precious little angel sticks up for her.,,20436683,00.html
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So she set up the victim for a robbery, and her co-robbers killed the guy.
Did she know that the victim would be killed?
If so, they should all hang. One big scaffold and one big trapdoor, break all their necks with one drop.
Just like the Lincoln conspirators.

If the State can't prove she knew the victim's fate was death and she just thought she was helping with an armed robbery, that's different. A prison term and eventual parole or probation many years in the future is the right sentence.
(Oh, and she should have to watch the execution of her partners-in-crime, at least the one who pulled the trigger.)

P.S. Oh, nevermind. She's a white girl and the two others who actually did the armed robbery personally are black males. (I just saw the booking photos of all 3 of them).
You can't punish the black criminals worse than the white criminal. That's not equality.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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