hi iam moving

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  1. thelongshot

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    iam moving to


    fayette co ga

    and i have a fl CCP

    what do i have to do 1st?

    to get my GA CCP
  2. Adam5

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    First welcome to GPDO !!!

    I think you will need a GA ID for proof of residency. Then I would contact the Fayette Probate Court at 145 Johnson Ave, Fayetteville GA, 30214. Their number is (770)716-4220. On this site there is a county by county breakdown of the process and any issues with a particular county, but it doesn't have much on Fayette other than The info I gave you and their hours. If you don't mind, after you talk to them, update Gunstar1 on what they said and their process, so that he can update that page.

    Also take a look at www.georgiacarry.org

    Welcome to GA!!!

  3. Rammstein

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    Hi thelongshot, and welcome to GPDO.

    Basically, you need to be an actual resident of Georgia to apply. The downside with that is that your right to carry is now void until you get the GFL (Georgia Firearms License). The reason for that is once you are a resident of Georgia your license to carry from Florida is now void here.

    Here is a quick and dirty run down of what you have to do to get a GFL:
    1. Become a resident of Georgia.
    2. Go to probate judge office for your county of residency.
    3. Fill out paper work / get fingerprinted / pay the court
    4. Wait

    Optional, but strongly recommended:
    Join Georgia Carry.

    Also, I would like to point out our new members forum (click here) so if you would like to, you can post an introduction for yourself.
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    Before you have a GA driversl license, call the probate court and ask what other means can be used to show you are that identity and residence will they accept. Have it accepted. Provide those means if you have them.