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Hey you! Marine!

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Go here and sign up!

Then list me (Turney, Chuck, GySgt) as your brother so I can list you.
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I too am already on there. Haven't logged in for a while. But I'll snooping around now.
Gunny I tried to add you. But it says I gotta be a full member first. Forget that. I ain't paying.
That website is a good idea. And would be awesome to keep in touch with fellow brothers. But why the hell are they trying to charge money??? That is dumb. Someone is trying to make money off of people for something that could be a good service for free. Someone needs to make a similar website that doesn't charge.
slabertooch said:
facebook has a Marine network, and it can be accessed from work. (I cannot tell you how I know though)
You have to have a .mil email address. I am no longer active duty, i'm IRR. I also didn't have a regular type email address. I had one that I could only access from an internal network type deal. So bottom line I can't get in that facebook network.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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