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Sunday at Bullseye, budder and I were using one of the rifle lanes to play with our Mosin-Nagant boomsticks. We put holes all over a large paper target. (Honesty compels me to mention budder put more in the red spot than I...)

The guy next to us was getting ready for deer season. The first three he sent downrange, at 25 yards, were touching. My thumb could have easily covered all three holes in his target.

He was satisfied, but not exactly ecstatic with the results... Huh???

Can you say "serious shooter" boyz an' gurls? :rifle:

He was shooting a Steyr SSG, which apparently is well known for its out-of-the-box accuracy. Rather plain looking rifle, but certainly capable of excellent results. His rifle had the rotary magazine and he was shooting 30-06 thru it. His optics are probably worth more than my entire gun collection! Mine and budders!!!

He told us, if zeroed at 25 yards, it was accurate to within 4" out to 400 yards.

He appeared to be shooting high quality ammo. It was individually packed in expensive looking packaging and had really neat looking green colored tips...

Everything I found about this particular rifle mentioned it was expensive. Expensive, but worth it. But, I couldn't find a price. It could be a $500. or a $5000. rifle..... I just don't know. But I'll tell ya dis boyz an' gurls, it shore do shoot straight!!!

Here's some more info:

It's listed on this page, but only a paragraph's worth. However, this is such a cool page about sniper rifles, I couldn't resist...


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From that last link:
Sig SSG 3000: Made in Switzerland, the SSG 3000 is a extremely well made rifle. It is modular in design, and the stock is of laminated wood and ventilated. The bolt has six lugs and locks into the barrel. There is a rail under the forearm to take accessories. The rifle comes standard with a Hendsoldt scope, but the rings are standard so that can be switched out. Sig has an extremely good reputation for high quality, accurate weapons.

Nation: Switzerland Weight: 5.4 kg

Ammunition: 7.62N Magazine: 5

Price: $2100 Availability: ( R/R )
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