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Hey All

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Hey everyone, I turned 21 this past January.
I've always been interested in handguns and I have shot them many times before. Now that I am 21 I plan to purchase one. For now I wish to get a Glock 19.

Also any recommended areas to get training on handguns near ATL?

Many thanks!
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Greetings from Lawrenceville and Welcome to GeorgiaPacking :D

Not sure where "near Atlanta" you are, but check with any of the local gun ranges.
Almost all offer a schedule of classes for beginners as well as the more advanced
classes on self defense inside and outside the home. You should be able to
find one conveniently located and coming up soon.
:welcome: from Marietta.

Welcome and Happy Late Birthday :righton: :righton:
Welcome! What kind of training do you want? A basic intro course?
Welcome from Lawrenceville
:welcome: Wish I had been smart enough to get interested in carrying handguns when I was 21. I was young & stupid back then, now I'm just stupid. :oops:
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Powder Springs!
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