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here's how Trump wins in 2020

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Sounds like a bitter never-Trump guy. Right now the Dems are seeing who can jump the farthest over the cliff. Republicans are not far behind.

Maybe he has a long-term secret plan to blow up expose the two-party system, or prove that Republicans and Democrats in Washington are so much alike ideologically that it doesn't matter what party you join.
They do that to themselves.

But if he keeps it up much longer,President Trump will have a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2018 and then we Republicans are going to be asking him not to sign legislation to help us, but to help us by vetoing it.
So he's sticking to campaign promises, you're whining about it and come up with a stupid suggestion. Yeah, do that... Democrats are not the only ones that can't get over the people voting Trump in office. There's a hidden clue in there that neither party seems to be able to grasp. (reference first quote)

Meanwhile, if the president stumbles any farther down this road to Republican Party ruin we might see him change his party affiliation.
Crying wolf. Seriously? Switch to the Democrats who are promoting AntiFA and Bernie? WTH?

I see most of the comments call him out too.
Still better than Hillary

I think it all hinges on how s- the Dem candidate is compared to Trump. If they run some real POS like Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer, Trump wins a second term. Their best shot is to run another party outsider similar to Bernie, but I highly doubt they'll do that.
Still better than Hillary
I have trouble even pretending to imagine what that would be like. Shivers. Where Trump is not PC, she would be leaps and bounds ahead of what we're witnessing in Silicon Valley, congress and the media.
I think antifa and BLM, if they keep up their antics, will help ensure another Trump win.
Far From Dixie, Outcry Grows Over a Wider Array of Monuments

The disputes over America’s racial past and public symbols have proliferated with dizzying speed, spreading to states far beyond the Confederacy and inspiring campaigns by minorities and political progressives across the country. But along the way, they have become to some an example of politically correct sentiments gone too far, with the potential to mobilize the right and alienate the center.

Paul Begala, the Democratic strategist, said his party was “driving straight into a trap Trump has set,†because the president seeks to shift the focus away from comments he made about white supremacists to his charge that opponents are trying to “take away our history.â€

“While I understand the pain those monuments cause,†said Mr. Begala, who was an adviser to President Bill Clinton, “I just think it in some ways dishonors the debate to allow Trump to hijack it.â€
Monuments cause pain? Whatever happens, it's Trump's fault.

Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia who watched neo-Nazis march on his own campus, said the left seems to have once again become focused on symbolic issues rather than the ones that most voters care about.
Far From Dixie, Outcry Grows Over a Wider Array of Monuments

Monuments cause pain? Whatever happens, it's Trump's fault.
Interesting, the top "Reader Pick" comment was not a "NYT Pick"
Professor Ice New York 2 days ago

Lee, Colombus, & Rizzo offend some people's sensibilities and they want their statues down. Can the NYT explain how is this different than the Taliban taking down Buddhist statues, or ISIS removing crosses because they offend their sensibilities?

Like it or not Slavery, Lee, Colombus, Rizzo, Japenese interment, discrimination against women, gays and immigrants are all part of the American fabric. If you removed all of these things you may find yourself with Sweden or Latvia.

It is a demographic fact that in 100 years they will become a minority. I teach at a top 50 school. Today fewer than 20% of students in any class are white males. How would you feel if in say 2150 white males started calling for removal of MLK and Rosa Parks statues?

The main problem is that for the past 30 years Democrats have practiced Identity politics, celebrating every identity except the white one. To every action, there is a reaction. And taking down these statues will slow down progress towards a more equitable America.
War on political correctness focus of Freedom Conference speech

James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal kicked off the Freedom Conference in Steamboat Springs Friday, telling his audience that years of the left-leaning national news media trying to reassert its authority through slanted reporting, coupled with the political rhetoric of then presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, were a major factor in Trump's ability to claim the presidency.
Taranto said he believes the mainstream media's reaction to Trump's campaign promise, made five days after the Dec. 2., 2015, terrorist attack in San Bernardino, to impose a ban on Muslims traveling to the U.S. was emblematic of over-the-top political correctness that had become a key strategy or component of "left-wing domination."
Taranto concluded that Trump was the only Republican candidate “who was willing to challenge, forthrightly, this political correctness of left-wing domination.â€

According to Taranto, Trump managed to put his Republican primary opponents in the same politically correct box as the Democrats, including Hilary Clinton, whom he said described Muslims as peaceful, tolerant people, who have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

Clinton could have qualified her remarks by saying "most Muslims" or "many Muslims,†Taranto observed, but she didn't.
Finally, Taranto suggested Trump's rhetoric may be the cure for years of people consuming unbalanced reporting by the left-leaning media as it tries to reassert its authority.

start at the end, paragraph 6) to see what Trump has to do to lose in 2020
(spoiler: do as Obama did)
Well, since the author is basically recapping some of sins of Clinton and Obama,
unmasking the names of American citizens and then leaking them to a pet press to weaken his opposition
the pet press is critical to the rest of those sins being favorably presented to the public as meaningless opposition tactics. The rise of AntiFA and their favorable praise in the media, even as they burn cars, break windows, attack people including the media and police, is simply proving Trump right.

I think this is his biggest risk.
should Trump be persuaded to move to the compromising middle to be reelected
He's still fighting the entire left (unless one thinks the media and other Dems are putting on one massive charade), the deep state, the Never-Trumpers and hopefully not pissing off his base.
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