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Here's a Different Take on Homeowners Protesting a Gun Range

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TonyG said:
Noise is a powerful tool when someone wants to block you or get rid of you. I used to be a member of a radio controlled flying field. We were on a flood plain next to the Chatahoochee river north of GA20. We had a swamp on one side of us, the Buford fish hatchery on another and GA 20 to the south. A sub-division moved in across the swamp and everything started going down-hill. The developer seemed decent about us being there, many of the residents would visit and a few participated. Two residents however complained and complained and filed a lawsuit in Forsyth county. We made many concessions but in the end the noise complaint was too easy for them to use and we lost. That land is for sale if you are interested, about 20 acres on the river in a flood plain.
That kinda remind me of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. AFTER the airport was already there, they built multi million condos and homes on the beach nearby, directly in the flight path of incomming ande outgoing commercial jets. The home owners raised a huge stink over the noise, and now no flights are allowed before 8:00am of after 8:00 PM or so. I would have to verify the times to get them exact. My wifes flies through there frequently and hates it. Flights are required to maintain a certain altitude over the beach then must decend rapidly to the airport. Outgoing flights must climb steeply to reach the min altitude before getting over the beach.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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