Henry countys finest... keeping us safe from....

Discussion in 'In the News' started by foshizzle, May 26, 2007.

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    :roll: Nice job guys.

    Yeah... those wild deer are surely menaces to society.
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    Man...that is just stupid.

  3. ICP_Juggalo

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    Being a deer hunter myself on the occasion, I found myself pretty upset about this story. I don't advocate killing animals unless for food or for protection. There was neither here, just ignorance making the decisions.

    Besides why was Henry County PD handling this??? As soon as the officer got on scene and seen the situation, his next course of action should have been to call DNR not shoot the damn thing. The officer should be charged with poaching. Lord know that is what would happen to any one of us if we shot a deer for "protection" and didn't call DNR first. IIRC poaching is a felony too....
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    That Sucks.

    We had a fawn here on the farm 3 years ago just like that. That Christmas Eve I'm sitting in the breeze way at 11:45 when I hear a rifle go off apparently in the front yard. I look out the sliding glass door and there sits a pickup with a spotlight shining out in the field about 200 meters from the house.

    Long story shortened I grabbed the AK and caught the 4 little teenaged turds loading the 50 lb baby deer up. Deputy took an hour to arrive and collect them. They were all charged with criminal trespass, destruction of property, hunting from a roadway, hunting at night, and hunting without a license.

    Two of the little cretins were sons of big time produce farmers in Colquitt county that owned huge 5000-9000 acre farms. The other two were a long time paramedic's kid and Adel fire chief's kid.

    The serious charges got dismissed about a month and a half later according to the court reports section of the local mullet wrapper. I saw the arresting deputy shortly after that at the waffle house. He was as ticked off as I was about how the whole thing got swept under the rug.

    Evidently there was monkey business scheduling game with the court and he wasn't notified to be there for the hearing. The judge dismissed all the charges the deputy wrote them up on. They still had to pay the separate citations issued by the game warden.

    The cherry on the cake happened a month latter when I came home from work to find that the headlights had been shattered and the engine wiring harness had been cut in 3 places on my corvette. :evil: I'm 98% sure it was the kid driving the truck that did it. I can't prove it but he was allegedly bragging about it to his buddies at high school. I reported it and the Sherriffs office acted like they'd get right on it...not.

    I tell ya it's a great system of justice we have here.
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    That was pretty stupid to shoot the deer, and the HCPD needs to admit that.

    As for calling in the DNR, there just aren't all that many of those guys, and they are spread pretty thin. That really wouldn't be something that they would be called in for anyway. I do not know if Henry County has animal control, but animal control in different places. We can't get animal control to respond for anything it seems.

    Me thinks the officer just wanted to shoot the deer and thought he was covered to do so, but if it wasn't demonstrating danger to the children the deputy wouldn't have shot it.
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    what happened to the meat??????????????
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    From what I can remember from my short lived aspiring career in LE. Any deer that is dispatched by LE is to be relinquished to the nearest detention center or jail for processing and then fed to the inmates. (this is no joke there is a code section on this in Title 27 somewhere)
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    I agee animal control is the way to go....Why not tazer the thing or use a dart...I'd probably get 10 years for killing a rabid looking skunk in my backyard, but he takes out a deer without a 2nd thought...

    Yes, I like hunting too, but something worthwhile, in season, for food...This LEO sounds like he was just trigger happy and thought he'd be justfied by saving children from this mean ferocious aggressive looking deer... :roll:
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    Just be glad that it wasn't Dekalb county because they would have probably shot the deer, the children, and the baby sitter. :roll:
  10. Taurus

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    LMAO!!! They may have let the deer live because they thought the kids and babysitter were attacking IT! :shock:
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    That cop screwed the pooch on this one. He probably had a woodie all the way home! What a jerk!

    I hope one of the neighbors who were tending Bambi do file a complaint againt him for poaching. That was just stupid. Or cop-macho run amuck! All he had to do was make some noise the the deer would have run off.

    Some people really, really shouldn't have badges! For all the good LEOs do, one A$$HOLE like this one can wipe out lots of good will. What are those kids going to think about cops now? What are they going to tell their friends? "The policeman is your friend." Yeah, right. He killed our fawn........

    The baby sitter was doing what she probably thought was the right thing. But come on girl, how many kids are mauled by rabid fawns? Another idiot.

    This whole incident sucks!
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    Well I am going to get soundly flamed on this one. Deer in close proximity to humans is a bad idea. Keeping one for a pet is not smart. Training deer to not fear humans is not smart.

    There was a case in this state where a guy's pet deer killed him.

    Basically deer in neighborhoods are vermin. They carry ticks which carry lyme disease and are very destructive to personal property. We have a deer overpopulation problem in this state.There is no more reason to relocate deer than a rat.
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    May I join you in your flambay?

    Bambi and his mother are eating grass; suddenly she stands in attention]

    Bambi's Mother: Bambi. Quick! The thicket!
    [they run; a gunshot is heard]

    Bambi's Mother: Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!
    [Gunshot is heard, then silence]

    Bambi: [searches frantically for his mother. All the sudden he stops, cause he is startled by what he sees. It is The Great Prince of the Forest]

    Great Prince of the Forest: Your mother can't be with you anymore.
    Bambi: [Closes his eyes and bow's his head as a single tear comes out of his eye]

    Great Prince of the Forest: Come, my son
    [both walk off together]

    Let the flames begin......... :flame:
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    +1 from me on that Ber950.

    Deer & armmadillo's both. Those little blighters have been digging up my yard and their time is soon coming to an end. :evil:

    The local deer are still wild and run off but not so wild that they won't come all in the yard at night. Bunnies too.
  16. USMC - Retired

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    Bambi makes cute sandwiches! :twisted:
  17. Adam5

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    MMMMMMM me likes Bambi burgers, and Bambi jerky, and the sausage is soooo good....
  18. GeorgiaGlocker

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    Bambi must have pulled her Les Baer 1911, but she was too slow and it was all over. :(
    P.S. This incident should have been handled in a much better way. It wasn't like a 1,051 pound pig was coming at him.
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    Let me go back and have a do-over on this one because I forgot something.

    Yes, I agree deer and peoples are not a good mix. The neighbors made a mistake taming and feeding the fawn because it won't always remain a cute and cuddly little thing. So, bad for them and I should have said that in my first post.

    But, that doesn't change my opinion about the cop's actions or the babysitter's, although I give her some credit for trying to do the right thing... However, stupidity x stupidity x stupidity = really bad :censored: each and every :censored: time!
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    I have a question. Well, four questions, really.

    (1) What was the legal justification for the shoot?

    (2) Did the officer comply with the law?

    (3) Would you have been justified in shooting the deer?

    (4) Is there a different law that applies to a police officer discharging his weapon as opposed to you?