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    I went to the Henry Co probate court on 7-20-20 to renew my carry permit. Upon entering, I was informed that I would have to have an "appointment" to get my renewal. I was directed to the probate website where I would have to fill out an application and call 770-288-7600 to make an appointment. So I filled out the online application and then called to make my "appointment." The nice lady scheduling my appointment informed me that the earliest they had was NOVEMBER 2ND 2020!!!!! Nearly 4 months out!!!! I even called back concerned about the time line and was told that the online application is a "preliminary" application and that nothing is official until I come in, upon my appointment, and sign the application. Has anyone had this same experience recently? I find it concerning that I am having to wait 4 months to renew my carry permit and I am not given an option to "sign my application." I understand there are logistical challenges that Covid has presented, but it is unsettling that we are not being offered an alternative option for renewal because of "social distancing" requirements and limited staff/space (as it was explained to me).