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    win an MRI

    As you probably know, we were hit by a tornado March 1 of this year. The hospital was destroyed along with many other structures. I got this email from an EMT:

    Hey guy's
    The request is this; Siemens Medical Equipment is holding a contest where a 1.5T MRI magnet will be given to the most deserving community hospital. The criteria for this award are based on the hospital's 2 minute video, its content, and the number of votes received. Considering the video was created by our employees, the winning facility will be selected by the number of on-line votes cast by its employees, community citizens, and friends. Our request is simple, please view our 2 minute video and cast your vote. We know our video content is best however we need your vote to convince Siemens of this fact.You can cast one vote per day per IPO address so please vote daily and encourage your employees and friends to vote.

    Please take the time to look and vote for Sumter Regional's video. Please pass this along to all your contacts.

    In order to cast your vote you must view our 2 minute video, "Blown Away". After your first vote you can just simply visit the site and vote daily. To cast your daily vote click on the web address

    It's an interesting video with security camera footage during the storm. Knowing the helpful nature of the people on this board I thought I'd post the information here. You can vote daily.

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    Pls help they guys out.......they are a good group of healthcare providers that have been through the ringer both physically with the loss of their hospital but they have also be beat up by various regulatory crap as they have done everything possible to take care of their community. Sumter is a good hospital; I did alot of clinical in nursing school there in the early them get this MRI....

    I placed my vote last week.....

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    Voted, bookmarked for more votes. Yer in the lead!

    If they win, please ask that the first MRI is done on Jimmy to see if he has a brain or a heart. (I've got a sawbuck riding on 'no'.)
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    Got my vote as well!
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    Yep, me too!