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Help North Georgia 9-12 Support the Troops

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Hi folks,

North Georgia 9-12 is involved in an effort to Support Our Troops that we hope that some GPDO folks would be willing to participate in. Last year we adopted 5 soldiers and sent care packages and it was a great success.

We decided to do it again this year. This time instead of getting individual soldiers were were assigned a team of 5 soldiers in Afghanistan. The team leader responded to our e-mail and requested that instead of the usual care package type items, that if we were able we could provide them with specific items to make thier mission a little easier. They requested ruck sacks, kevlar gloves, boots, computer cases, helmet lights and other items that the military does not provide for them.

While this is not what we originally intended we could not help but step up to try and provide them with at least some of the items that they requested. However we cannot do this without the help of others.

If you could find it in your heart to donate, even if it's just a dollar or two it would be greatly appreciated.

All funds received will be used to support the troops.

You can go to for more info.

Thank you!

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