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Help! I'm Bleeding! No, You're Under Arrest . . .

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Edith Isabel Rodriguez, 43, died of a perforated bowel . . .

Relatives said Rodriguez was bleeding from the mouth and writhing in pain for 45 minutes while she was at a hospital waiting area . . .

Relatives reported she died as police were wheeling her out of the hospital after the officers they had asked to help Rodriguez arrested her instead on a parole violation.
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A perforated bowel is a medical emergency in which a hole in the bowel opens to allow its contents to empty into the rest of the abdominal cavity. The result is frequently sepsis or blood infection, which if not treated can cause almost immediate death. A perforated bowel can occur as the result of traumatic injury, Crohn’s Disease, or diverticulitis.

Symptoms of a perforated bowel include high fever and nausea. Those afflicted will also experience extreme abdominal pain which worsens when one moves. Intense vomiting may occur and result in dehydration.

The woman was spitting up blood. I can't see how or why the cops would take anyone out of an er. They could just cuff em, wait for them to be checked out & then either keep em under watch while they are recieving treatment or jail em if they are immediately released. No brainer to me. It's not like the woman was some mass murderer or something.
I agree though, the ER staff should have checked the woman out asap. Of course maybe they had several severe trauma victims that were ahead of her. Things like that happen.
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