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Help Finding Ammo...(Pics Posted)

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I was looking in a magazine (cant remember which one) and they did testiing on different Judge ammo. There was a load made by Cross Outdoors that was called a .410 bore, but looked like a .45 Colt round only the projectile was sticking out about and inch or so past the brass. The length was on par with a 2½" .410 shell. The testing showed the expansion at 1.2", penetrating 16", over 900 ft/sec, and somewhere around 250 grains. Pretty impressive...

The problem is that there is no information about it on their web site and google turned up nothing. Where can I get this round at? Any suggestions?

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Well, I messed up some of the specs, but you can read them in the bottom pic...
Ask 'em!

Found someone else looking for the same thing: ... ic=39117.0

Also found a thread at a forum called (as of July 20, 2010 - text is from google cache)

Well I received a call back from Mr. Cyrus a little bit ago and we talked for about 15 minutes about this new Cross Force load. To make a long story short, he is doing some final pressure testing with an outside company and has early developmental loads available now after he tested and tweaked with different powders. He also stated he will most likely be the sole source for the load unless he can find a way to have it marketed, etc.

A friend of his is actually turning the long solid-copper massive hollowpoint bullets for the .45 Colt casings and he said this load is intended for defensive purposes and not practical for medium to large game hunting because of the natural velocity and penetration limits.

If I get the go-ahead from you guys, I'll post the image from the article showing the load and a recovered bullet from gelatin with a 1.25" petal spread. I think I can (legally) do that as long as I credit the photo to Richard Mann..?

In fact, Mr. Cyrus asked me over the phone if I would scan and email the entire article to him because Richard never got a copy of it to him, lol
Re: Asking Mr. Cyrus for samples
Ha! He offered before I even thought to ask, but I politely declined because I told him I don't even have a Judge yet. Mr. Cyrus was very polite, talkative, and absolutely knowledgeable and passionate about his custom rifle and ammo work and not out to make a fortune. He's doing final pressure testing with an outside company and final tweaking on the load.

I am considering picking up the newer Judge "Public Defender" model with semi-bobbed hammer and 3" barrel just for kicks and this load really caught my eye so I dubbed the load and gun combination the "Chief Justice" ;D

Well, here's the picture from the article written and photographed by Richard Mann...I think it won't be too difficult to spot Mr. Cyrus's "Cross Force" Judge load. Petal spread at 1.25" with 10" of penetration in gelatin. Muzzle velocity listed at 950 FPS and bullet weight at 220 grains.

Ha, well technically they weren't free and he was politely getting to the fact that he would only charge for the cost of the components and mailing it down, but I politely declined until I at least get a Judge so I can shoot the loads, plus it will give him time to finish his final pressure testing and tweaking. ;)

If any of you are interested, feel free to contact him, he's very polite and talkative and doens't seem at all interested in making a huge profit.
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Thank you for posting that, I saw those on my google search but my phone (for some reason) wouldn't open them. I did call Cross Outdoors, got their answering machine, left a message, and haven't heard back.

Thanks again...
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