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In my own opinion if you are planning on getting a Georgia Firearms Licence to be able to carry, then you should apply as soon as possible. The faster you get the permit the better. And as you said it takes a few months. So whats the harm in applying now. All you have to do is drive to your countys probate court. On this website it gives good information on many if not all countys probate courts and that can help get you in the right direction.

As for firearms selection, there are so many diffrent firearms sold that anyone can find one perfect for themselves. However it would be impossible for and one of us to tell you which gun is best for you. Things to consider are caliber of round, Safety's on the weapon, overall size of firearm, if used for home security maybe buy one that has a rail system so you can have a light attached. But if you go to your local gun dealer i'm sure if you talk with them they can assist you in finding a gun that fits your needs.

As for traning I'm sure your local gun store/range can assist you with that as well. I know the ranges near my home offer classes. They are all basic and are for new shooters. They consist of class time simply on the safety of firearms to showing you basic ways to clean your firearm. Then the acutal application of shoot your firearm. And teaching basic fundamentals of marksmanship.

And welcome to the forum :D
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