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Hello from N. GA

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Hi guys! My name is James and I'm located in Hall County.
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Hi James I'm pretty new here as well
Located in the banks co area
Hey James & Chrisj95!! Welcome to GPDO from S Metro Atlanta
I've only ventured around a little, but I'm getting the hang of things
Definitely lots of places to look
Welcome but remember to be careful around here. You might run across things you would prefer not to have seen. And remember, it cannot be unseen. No matter how hard you try and pray.

Welcome aboard both of you. It's always nice to see new faces.

There's plenty of information here and many knowledgeable individuals when it comes to guns and gun law.
Haha nemo I have began to see that already but it will be alright
Definitely have also seen plenty of knowledge spread throughout
Where you guys located?

Welcome from Duluth!
Welcome to the forum from Marietta.
Hello from Dallas TX.....but I normally live in Forsyth Co, right down the road from ya.
welcome from Woodstock :welcome:
I've seen very few people in surrounding counties to me, but I have made a post of my own hoping to meet a few folks more around this area an maybe get to know a few
im up in your area several times a month
im up in your area several times a month

Commerce/banks crossing or hall county area?
That's the post that I've put up
dahlonega square
James welcome to hall county. Your'll enjoy it.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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